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January 2019, Heifer Update

Heifer Project

Heifer Update

Goats help families feed themselves. Small farmers often select goats as their means of a successful life. They thrive on near-zero grazing. Goat farmers tend to produce great crops, due to the organic fertilizer and the goats’ land-clearing abilities. Goats also make great pets.
From Tarwara, India, this story…

Heifer_026Nirmal Kumar, 8, with one of her family’s young goats. Nirmal is one of eight children. Before joining a Heifer goat project, the family ate once a day. Now they earn enough to eat three nutritious meals a day! Even the goats eat well, thanks to Heifer training. Keeping their goats happy and healthy means more income for the family. Through Heifer, they have also learned disaster preparedness, to help withstand flooding and preserve their farm.

Goats are also producers of nutritious milk, which can be used to make delicious butter and cheese. Sometimes all it takes to save a life is a goat.

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