“The message of Easter is not that Jesus is alive, it is so much more.
The message of Easter is that Jesus has risen!” ~ Colin Smith

In God’s Own Time

Psalm 65:5-13

Abundant harvests. Streams filled with water. Soil softened for planting by the rain . Psalm 65 describes the beauty that results when God waters the earth. For this gift of creation we all shout and sing together for joy! We moderns complain about the rain and the temporary discomfort it causes, but rain is a time for celebration. The renewing waters are essential to our survival.

Whenever I pray publicly and it is raining, I usually pray in this way :”Lord, we thank you for the rain . It reminds us that you are constantly looking out for us, caring for us, and providing what we need . For that we are grateful.”

From the start, God parented us, providing what we needed. Eden, a lush garden with abundant fruit, supplied all our needs. There the Creator and the created lived together in harmony. God watered the earth, made it beautiful, and offered it to us as a gift. We destroyed this heavenly treasure and fractured the relational harmony through our sinful behaviors. For this we repent , even as we acknowledge the wonderful possibilities for life that God offers .

God does not always provide rain when we think it should fall. So we wait with patience for the rain and for the beauty of God’s creation to emerge again from the  ground. Waiting  for God to provide the necessary resources is part of the deal of being created not Creator. We need to wait for life to reveal its meaning to us, not knowing when this meaning will become clear. We wait for rain with hope, not sure when our hope will be rewarded but unshakable in the conviction that one day our prayer for rain will be answered. Then the water will renew the earth, creating a beauty reminiscent of paradise .


Look for a glimpse of paradise in the world today. How can you partner with God in encourag­ing that glimpse to grow and flourish?

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