“Believe in the journey of your own spirituality; faith knows no predefined path.”

Ho!Y Encounters

Holy Encounters

Exodus 34:29-35

An encounter with grace

Is it possible that you and I can encounter God in such a way that the people around us can see the effects of the encounter? Moses’ encounter with the holy God brings a shine to his face. The people fear coming near him, so Moses veils his face when he speaks the Lord’s commands to the people.

Often my experience of God’s presence affects me in ways I find disturbing. Sometimes the encounter takes my breath away, and I cannot speak. At other times the encounter is so deep that tears come to my eyes . In whatever way God’s presence affects me, I am no longer the same person.

One such encounter came the day I learned I was adopted. On that day I  experienced a sense of chosenness, having been given a name and been loved from the very beginning . This knowledge took me to the mountain where I encountered God’s grace through love and acceptance. My life was no longer the same.

In that encounter I began to understand God’s grace for all persons. God has chosen us, given us a name, and loved us from the very beginning. We demonstrate our experience of God’s transforming grace in our living, our relationships, and our inter­ actions with all persons. Such radical change affects the people around us, frightening some and encouraging others.


Reflect upon how your encoun­ters with God’s grace have affected you and the people around you. How does your life bear witness to those encounters?

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