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The message of Easter is that Jesus has risen!” ~ Colin Smith

How can I stay in touch?


Dear Lakeview Family,

Whoever thought the pandemic would last this long? Even as the vaccine is being distributed, we know that normalcy is still a way off. While many of you have been able to stay in contact using on-line services, we realize some of you have had very little contact with your church family. Staying in touch is so much harder than it used to be. With this letter, I hope to give you a snap-shot of some ways you can stay in touch with one another and help us connect with you.

Phone/verbal/written/in person opportunities
  • Phone – “Hi Neighbor” connecting small groups by neighborhood – (See our letter mailed out in January for details)
    • Phone – call a friend, call the church office (Phones work both ways, don’t wait for us to call you, let us know how you are doing and what’s new in your life.)
    • Join “Phone Friends” – call homebound and make new friends (check with Pastor Ross)
    • Printed directory resource so you can call friends
    • Call in via Zoom to listen live to Sunday worship
    • Call in via Zoom to participate in Bible Studies
  • Monthly newsletter mailed to all LUMC members and friends with addresses
  • Mail letters, cards for birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations or for no reason at all to encourage others – (find that information here)
  • Small group studies – Monday through Thursday (in the Event Calendar) these are in person and Zoom
  • In person worship as permitted and safe for you (please make a reservation to help us)
Electronic and On-Line opportunities
  • Our website is your starting point
    • Watch Sunday worship on the website
    • You Tube – our on-line “TV” channel, “Lakeview Alive” – find worship services, devotions, information from pastors and much more.
    • Weekly calendars and events
    • Zoom information for one-on-one and class meetings via computer/phone
    • General information
    • Instructions for on-line services and more
    • Prayer contact requests
    • Sign up forms
    • MORE – by the way…everything we produce and stream/broadcast is FREE!
  • Receive the weekly e-newsletter with articles, links, and updates. It arrives every Saturday morning in your email. Sign up for it on the website.
  • Vimeo – video service for watching our Sunday service and other videos at LUMC – “lakeviewalive”
  • Facebook – our Facebook page, “Lakeview UMC” has information, links to videos and you can share your experience at Lakeview here and Sunday worship is broadcast here also.
  • Instagram – “lakeviewalive”
  • Pinterest – “LakeviewAlive”
  • Roku TV – see all our video releases including worship at “Lakeviewalive”
  • Lakeview APP – download from your app store (Apple or Android) and connect with the church directory on-line, giving, weekly sermons, events, check in on Sunday, or just contact us for fun.
  • Sunday worship is broadcast live every Sunday at 9:30 on our website, our “Ministry One” Lakeview Church ‘app’, You Tube, Vimeo, Facebook, or Zoom – take your pick.
  • Zoom – video conferencing for computers/tablets/phone that let you participate with classes, worship, meetings and more.
What’s happening at the church right now?

This is just a sample of things going on you can be a part of right now, most are hybrid – in person and Zoom:

  • Missions – donations for Valley View Food Bank, Justa Center, UMOM, M.A.N.A. House and others – (Drop-off at the back-staff entrance door)
  • Sunday – live worship at 9:30 (register on-line or call the church office 623-974-5821)
  • Monday – Sip-N-Chat 5 pm on Zoom
  • Tuesday – bible Study 11 am
    • Sip-N-Chat 5 pm via Zoom
  • Wednesday – Bible Study 10 am
    • Grief Share 1:30 pm
    • Sip-N-Chat 5pm via Zoom
  • Thursday – Bible Study 10:30 am
    • Sip-N-Chat 5 pm via Zoom
  • Friday – Sip-N-Chat 5 pm via Zoom
  • Saturday – Sip-N-Chat 5 pm via Zoom
  • Plus – Griefshare, Stephen Ministry, mission opportunities, Lay/Servant training and more!

If you need help getting on-line with us, we have people who will help. If you can help others, become part of our tech team! We’re always looking for better ways to reach you, meet new friends, and improve what we are already doing. Let us know your needs to see if we can help. Have an idea for something new – we can help you make it a reality.

You can see that even in the face of a pandemic, ministry is happening, Christian growth is possible, and making new friends is feasible. It’s perfectly okay to remain connected electronically and for some this may be the only way because of physical limitations and geography, and for now it may be the safest way. I encourage you to take advantage of worship, education, and social activities, this is your church and the more you are involved, the more blessings you receive, and the kingdom is stronger.

Get connected – Stay in Touch!

Blessings, Pastor John

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