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Heifer Updates for May 2021


Heifer update 5-1

heifer512102Another month of Hope for many families that are dealing with hunger and poverty. Our month’s donation was three goats and one pig. That will eventually bring Hope to 36 families. The notification came from Heifer International that they had matched some previous gifts. This included five sheep – DOUBLED – and four goats and a flock of chicks – TRIPLED. Another potential of 135 more families given Hope to reclaim their lives.

heifer512101This past week I also received a Heifer Bank. It was given anonymously but I feel it was given from the heart. Thank you!

Banks are available in the Worship Center, Chapel, Fellowship Hall and Smoot Hall. An easy and great way to express your love to those in need. 

Heifer Update 5-3

The monthly LUMM meeting and breakfast was held yesterday, May 1, 2021, for the first time in 13 months. We had a fabulous FREE breakfast and a great time of fellowship. Attendance was great – but – for those men of our congregation that didn’t attend – you missed a wonderful time of fellowship, breakfast and meeting.

The highlight of my Heifer was the fact that over the past 13 months, Lakeview and friends made donations that may eventually lift 2,494 families here and around the world, out of hunger and poverty. Praise God.

On April 10, 1872 the world celebrated the first Arbor Day. That day one million trees were planted. Heifer International also recognized the importance of trees. In Honduras, Maria Elsa Castellanos and a group of women were given Cashew Trees. They were trained on how to prepare and package cashews, helped to find key markets and now have a thriving business. It isn’t always about cows and chicks. Trees also play a big part in changing lives through Heifer.

Heifer Update 5-10

Last week I mentioned the 2,494 families that may benefit from your donations over the past 13 months. But it goes beyond that. It means that Lakeview and friends are the reason, that mothers no longer will have to worry about what and when they will be able to feed their children. Lakeview and friends, it is because of you, that fathers who would travel 100 miles to find work, can now stay home and watch their children grow. And you, Lakeview and friends, are the reason children can now go to school, laugh and play, and well, just be kids.

The Lakeview United Methodist Men want to thank all of you for your support during this time in the pandemic.

Beyond your generous donations, we need a lot of prayer support. Particularly in India where they are dealing with a deadly second wave of the COVID.

Pray with me now. God, we come to you with heavy hearts. We need your power and strength as we deal with this terrible virus. We ask your special guidance for the people here and around the world. We pray for your special help for the people of India. It is in the precious name of Jesus, we ask, say and pray these things. Amen.

Heifer Update 5-17

Heifer0517212Heifer0517211A real story of love and compassion (from a sheep). It was a sad night when the Ewe (female sheep) on the left lambed a stillborn. The poor lamb could not be resuscitated. The mom cried most of the night longing for her lamb, after it was removed from her.

The Ewe on the right lambed twins last week. They were both very small. She apparently gave the grieving mother one of her twins to raise as her own.

The photo shows them with their new family. This reminds me of a lesson from Sunday school – share with your neighbor – you both can be happy.

Heifer Update 5-24

heifer0524211GPS – Goat, Pig, Sheep – this Program will be ending June 30th. Thanks to you it has been very successful. To date Lakeview and Friends have donated 10-Goats, 6-Pigs, and 8-Sheep. That will eventually help 216 families find their way to a better life.

Just as it did for Rashmi and her family. She and her family became community leaders after they turned the Gift of two Goats into 17 Goats. Not only were they able to lift themselves out of hunger and poverty, but they were finally able to see themselves as equals to everyone else in the area. What a blessing.

Remember “sometimes the way to save a family is through the Gift of a Goat.” (or a Pig, or a Sheep.)

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