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Heifer Updates for March 2022


Heifer Update March

Fun Facts: During the period above, the LUMM Heifer Project donated 26 Flocks of Chicks and 14 Hope Baskets. Also, previous gifts were matched. This included 2 Goats, 1 Pig, 1 Water Buffalo, 2 Flocks of Chicks and 2 Hope Baskets.


A Hope Basket, on average, will produce the following in its lifetime (4 years): 168 Bunnies and 10,500 Eggs. Yes, there will be “Chicks and Bunnies” all over the place. But wait, that was one Hope Basket. The donations of 26 Flocks and 14 Hope Baskets can produce the following: 4704 Bunnies and 420,000 Eggs.

Helping people help themselves.

Heifer Update 3-7

Heifer3141If you missed the LUMM Breakfast and meeting, you missed a great breakfast, (as always) and a great report of the “Chicks ‘N’ Bunnies” donations for the month of February, 2022. First, the breakfast – Egg Bake, Sausage, Pancakes, Fruits, Sticky Buns and more. All made by Suellen and her great kitchen crew.

Heifer3142Secondly, the donations for February – Hold your breath! You, members and friends of LUMC donated 62 Flocks of Chicks and 20 Trio’s of Rabbits. The average productive life of a chicken and rabbit is 3½ – 4 years. After “Passing the Gift” – 9 times we see the following results: 9,859,000 eggs and 30,240 bunnies. That will allow many small, poor and hungry families find their way out of hunger and poverty. Then in February we had several orders matched – 7 Flocks of Chicks and 3 Trio’s of Rabbits have been added. And, I was just informed that the orders received by Heifer International in March will be tripled.

Our gifts just keep on giving. 

Lastly, a chicken fun fact. “Hens and their hatching chicks converse through the shell, allowing the chicks to recognize their mother’s voice.

Heifer Update 3-21

Another week, and what a week it was! Heifer International informed us that our orders for 23 Flocks of Chicks and 12 Hope Baskets have been matched. More eggs, more bunnies and many more small farmers given a chance to put hunger and poverty behind them. Praise God.

Another fun fact: A chicken can learn to recognize its own name, and the name of other chickens in its flock.

Now a bit about eggs-tra nutrition. Eggs provide us with vitamins, minerals and protein. One egg contains 6 grams of protein, nine essential amino acids and 4 vital nutrients: choline, lutein and zeaxanthin which help in brain development in children, muscle growth in adolescents, bone health in adults and eye health among the elderly. Eggs are also rich in selenium, which helps our immune system function well.

Heifer321Now to Kenya and a visit with Stella. She lost her husband when she was just a young woman. Everything she tried, to care for her children and grandchildren, was a failure. Then she received training and chickens from Heifer that changed her life. Stella says, “When I sell eggs and meat, I make money.” But what pleased her the most was “Passing the Gift”. She continues today by passing on the knowledge she received from Heifer International about chicken farming.

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