“O Lord, make this Lenten season different from the other ones. Let me find you again. Amen.” —Henri Nouwen

Heifer Updates for March 2021

Heifer Update for March 1st

Heifer312021Geeta Devi grew up in dire poverty. She lives in India’s largest state, Rajasthan. Geeta grew up with only one outfit to wear, which would turn black with soot from the cooking fire. Water was scarce: she bathed only once a month. Her younger sister died when the walls of their hut collapsed. For 7¢ a day she carried bricks and cement on her head at construction sites. She sifted soil for sand, which she could sell for a few pennies. She never received any formal education.

But in 2012 she joined with Heifer. She received 2 goats, fodder seed, vegetable seeds, a lemon tree, and lots and lots of training. She also trained to be a Veterinary Technician. Geeta now has 10 goats, sells about 5 per year; which brings in about $400. Four of her 5 children have gone to school, the youngest girl is now in college. Giving to others is her reward. She says “When I get a gift, I am happy. When I will give that to someone else, they will be happy. When they again will give it to someone else, they again will be happy. It’s like spreading happiness.”

That’s what you are doing through the LUMM Heifer Project. “Spreading Happiness” Praise God!

Heifer Update March 15th

And now, here is a true story that really warmed my heart. As we all know, the present campaign of the Heifer Project is “GPS” (Goat, Pig, Sheep). However, over the past week a bag of coins appeared at the church with a note attached.


A loving, generous congregant had been saving her coins to donate chickens. I want to assure that person that a Flock of Chicks is on its way, to help a poor hungry family find their way out of hunger and poverty.

So if you have a favorite Heifer animal you want to donate, specify it and we will make sure it gets done. Regardless of the animal, the object remains the same. Changing the lives of desperate families around the world.

From the Lakeview United Methodist Men’s Heifer Project “Thank You.”

Heifer Update March, 22nd

Goats are loved by people around the world. And for good reasons. Goats do well on rocky unproductive land, grazing on weeds and brush other animals won’t eat. They produce rich, nutritious milk – usually one gallon a day – that can also be made into cheese and yogurt. Milk that is often prescribed for children that can’t digest cow’s milk.

Heifer Project Goats are usually kept in roomy non grazing pens and have fodder and water carried to them. The only shelter they need is protection from wind, cold and rain. They are a valuable source of income for school fees, medicine, clothing and home improvements.

Goats are even credited for discovering coffee. A goat herder in Ethopia noticed his goats’ high energy after eating the berries from certain plants.

A great present for Easter – A Goat – one that will change the life of a poor and hungry family.

Feeding His Lambs (And Goats)

Heifer Update March 29th

Today I want to share a letter from the President and CEO of Heifer International:

Dear Faith Partner,

It’s clear from your past participation in our programs that your community understands the true meaning of Easter – to thank God for our salvation through His Son and to share His love by serving those in need – especially families facing grave hunger and poverty.  So, I want to take a moment to thank you for your unwavering support of Heifer.

Throughout these challenging times, your support has helped feed families during this pandemic and hunger crisis.  May your congregants be blessed this upcoming year full of His unending love.

With peace and goodwill,
Pierre U. Ferrari, President and CEO

Church of the Brethren educator, Dan West, founded Heifer International in 1944.  His vision of a worldwide program to end hunger and poverty was born of his Christian faith.  From the beginning, this vision has encompassed all spiritual paths and all Heifer322211people who understood that to serve God, we must serve our brothers and sisters.  Today, Heifer is comprised of people of many beliefs working together around the world to realize this vision.

Heifer International’s mission is to end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth.  For more than 75 years, we have provided livestock and sustainable agricultural training to struggling communities around the world.  We currently work in 21 countries, including the United States, supporting local food producers to expand their businesses and earn a living income.

Thank you from the LUMM for your continued support of this wonderful program.

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