“The message of Easter is not that Jesus is alive, it is so much more.
The message of Easter is that Jesus has risen!” ~ Colin Smith

Heifer Updates for June 2021


Heifer Update 6-1

Our goats are so knowledgeable. They know their herd-mates will provide families milk, cheese, meat and even more goats, to a poor family. In fact, when all is said and done, they may well provide for about 27 families. Thanks to the supporters of the Heifer Program.

Jit lived a poverty-stricken life. After being forced to marry at 16, she lost two sons and her husband. As Jit and her remaining sons struggled to survive their roof collapsed, almost killing them and destroying their food supply. Hope came with animals and training from Heifer. In a few years, Jit earned enough money to build a new house, lease additional land and expand her farm. Now, she is a thriving entrepreneur and respected community leader who generously shares with others. She’s passed on five goats, two buffalo, chickens and clothing, and even gave her cooperative land to build offices.

And if thou draw out thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall thy light rise in obscurity, and thy darkness be as the noon day; Isaiah 58:10.

Heifer Update 6-7

I found this on Facebook and felt it needed to be shared with you. It is titled “The Bummer Lamb.”

Heifer531001Every once in a while, a Ewe will give birth to a Lamb and reject it. There are many reasons she may do this. If the Lamb is returned to the Ewe, the mother may even kick the poor animal away. Once a Ewe rejects one of her Lambs, she will never change her mind. These little Lambs will hang their heads so low that it looks like something is wrong with it’s neck. Their spirit is broken. These Lambs are call “Bummer Lambs.” Unless the shepherd intervenes, that Lamb will die, rejected and alone. So, do you know what the shepherd does?

He takes that rejected little one into his home, hand-feeds it and keeps it warm by the fire. He will wrap it up with blankets and hold it to his chest so the bummer can hear his heartbeat. Once the lamb is strong enough, the shepherd will place it back in the field with the rest of the flock.

But that sheep never forgets how the shepherd cared for him when his mother rejected him. When the shepherd calls for the flock, guess who runs to him first?

That is right, the bummer sheep. He knows his voice intimately.

It is not that the bummer lamb is loved more, it just knows intimately the one who loves it.

It’s not that it is loved more, it just believes it because it has experienced that love one on one.

So many of us are bummer lambs, rejected and broken. But He is the good Shepherd. He cares for our every need and holds us close to His heart so we can hear His heartbeat.

We may be broken but we are deeply loved by the Shepherd.

Heifer Update 6-14

This month will end the GPS Program. To date it has been very successful. Many lives have been changed because of your generosity. Thank you so very much. Talk about changing Lives – here is the story of Lazarus:

heifer67211People in the tiny of village of Katema, Malawi, call him Lazarus because of his inspiring story – as a newborn, he miraculously survived a devastating fire. More than 50 years later, Lazarus is still an inspiration in his village, but for another reason: his goats.

Lazarus and his wife struggled to feed their four children. On some days, his children were so hungry that they could not concentrate in school. It was then that Lazarus received two goats from Heifer and expert training on all aspects of goat farming.

heifer67212Now Lazarus has expanded his herd to 15 goats, and is earning enough money to invest back into the farm. Today, he has a granary, a chicken coop, and rotates crops. And now his family eats three times a day, every day. “I got lucky, I was given gifts,” says Lazarus. Because of these gifts, he can now give gifts to others.

There are many more like Lazarus in this world. Can you help today?

Heifer Update 6-21

Heifer0607211Here it is less than three weeks to go with the “GPS.” This week’s focus is on pigs. The Gift of a Pig will leave the recipient Squealing with Joy. Heifer Pigs are like savings accounts for struggling families. Each pig can provide a valuable source of protein, income from the sale of offspring, and natural fertilizer to nourish crops and soil.

An average sow can provide a family with up to 16 piglets a year. But, best yet, the Gift of a Pig doesn’t just impact one family. Through Heifer’s “Passing the Gift” tradition, a family will give the first female offspring to a neighbor and they will teach them all they have learned from Heifer, helping them find their own way to a brighter future. But it doesn’t stop there. The giving goes on and on. Nine families on average will benefit from the original gift. That’s the power of giving one pig (or goat, or sheep). Send in your donation today and it will be put to work.

Heifer Update 6-28

heifer628212The “S” in “GPS” – SHEEP. Producers of wool that is warm and durable. Wool that can be sold. Merino wool is the most popular sheep’s wool. The Merino originated in Spain but now are raised mainly in New Zealand and Australia. It’s naturally hydrophilic fibers wick moisture away from the skin, and the fabric dries quickly. The fibers are finer than most other wools, it is smooth, soft and not too itchy. The lanolin in sheep’s wool has properties that kill the bacteria that cause body odor.

The many benefits from sheep make them an ideal gift. They will certainly do their part in lifting families out of hunger and poverty. Thank you for your donation today.

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