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Heifer Updates for February 2022


Heifer Update February

December 16, 2021 thru January 15, 2022

Your donations last month allowed the LUMM / Heifer Project to put a Water Buffalo and 2 Flocks of Chicks to work. They will lift poor and hungry families out of hunger and poverty, while caring for our earth.

They are right, you know. Passing the Gift happens about 9 times for each animal or group of animals. Talking about Passing the Gift, here is a picture of the President and CEO, Pierre Ferrari, joining in a “Passing The Gift” ceremony.


With Easter approaching, our “Chicks ‘N’ Bunnies” will make a big, lasting impact. What an exciting way to bring a new life to a poor and hungry family.

Thank you and God’s Blessings to All.

Heifer Update 2-5

Heifer252We are starting to hear about some matches of donations made in the Holiday Season. So far I have confirmation that 1 Goat and 2 Hope Baskets have been matched. A great Christmas present for some poor and hungry farmer families – and I view it as a great present for the LUMM/Heifer Project.

Be sure to mark February 17th on your calendar. It will be a “Heifer TNT Night”. Lindsay Duvall and Devin Foster, from Heifer International, will be with us for a presentation. You won’t want to miss it.

Heifer251“Chicks and Bunnies” Program is moving into the second month. This program is a sure thing to bring families relief from hunger and poverty. Let’s fill our Easter Buckets with “Chicks and Bunnies”.

Thanks to all who have supported our programs.

Heifer Update – 2-26

Heifer2261We had a great time at TNT with our Heifer International guests, Lindsay DuVall and Devin Foster. Each gave an interesting presentation. Lindsay spoke of the origin of Heifer and its goals for the future. Devin gave a presentation on bees – their care – their jobs and their production. Very inspiring and thought provoking. Donations made at TNT Heifer Night were $504.32. This was used for our “Chicks N Bunnies” Program. Our donation to Heifer was for 12 Flocks of Chicks and 5 Hope Baskets.

Now the fun part! Here is what you can expect from your gifts. A Flock of Chicks can Heifer2262produce about 10,500 eggs in its productive life. With 12 flocks and 5 more with the Hope Baskets that is 178,500 eggs or 14,875 dozen. The 5 Hope Baskets contain 2 does and 1 buck rabbit. In their productive life they can produce 168 rabbits per Hope Basket 5 baskets = 840 rabbits.

Then comes “Passing the Gift”. Heifer International says the gift is passed (on average) 9 times. You do the math – my pen is out of ink! What a wonderful gift of “Changing Lives” has been started, thanks to the generosity of LUMC. Many heart-felt thanks from the LUMC/Heifer Project!

Heifer Update 2-28

Another exciting week of activity for the LUMM / Heifer Project. Donations sent another Hope Basket and 2 – Flocks of Chicks. Then we were informed of another order that was matched. So, 2 – Hope Baskets and 2 – Flocks of Chicks turned into 4.


Plan to sign up and attend the Men’s Breakfast and meeting Saturday, March 5th. A full report of February’s activity will be presented. You will be amazed at what you have done. 

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