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Heifer Updates for Feb. 2021

Heifer Update for Feb. 7th

A Life Giving Gift, that is what Thomas Tine received one day in Senegal. Thomas said “I’ll never forget that day.” You see, Thomas was desperate, he couldn’t afford to feed his seven children, let alone send them to school. But on a rainy day, Thomas got a Gift from Heifer – three healthy Ewes and a Ram. Along with that he received enough material to build a sheep stand and expert training for the care of his sheep. Now his sheep offspring number 40. His children are back in school and eating healthy. He has also built a new house. “It’s all because of income from my sheep,” he says, proudly.

So, as we prepare our hearts for Easter, let’s put faith in action and transform lives worldwide.

Heifer Update for Feb. 15th
In the Ecuadorean Andes, families rely on sheep for the woolen blankets and clothes that keeps them warm at high elevations.

Sheep were among the first animals to be domesticated by humans around 10,000 B.C. They are prominent symbols in mythology, religion and even nursery rhymes. In 1966, they became famous in modern science as Dolly was cloned from an adult cell. Through all those years, sheep have supplied wool and skins. They are adaptable to cold, rocky mountains as well as hot, dry plains. Many Heifer families raise sheep for their wool, but some raise them for their meat. Gifts of Sheep are helping to cure hunger and poverty all around the world.

Now it’s time to test your knowledge with the Sheep Quiz.
  1. A male sheep is a ram, and a baby sheep is a lamb; what is a female sheep?
  2. For hundreds of years people wrote on special sheepskin, called ______________.
  3. What is the oily substance that keeps sheep dry and softens your hands?
  4. How many toes does a sheep have?
  5. A sheep can yield up to _______ pounds of wool a clip. (a) 10 (b) 14 (c) 18

And now as I pray for the poor and hungry around the world, I will also thank God for His care for us, like a shepherd. Isaiah 40:11

Answers: 1. Ewe 2. Parchment 3. Lanolin 4. Two on Each Foot 5. 18

Heifer Update Feb. 21, 2021

Heifer02212021Besides being very peaceful in the picture, what do these two animals have in common? Answer: They are both “Heifer” animals that can be donated to families in need. Families that can lift themselves out of hunger and poverty. Then these families will “Pass the Gift”, allowing two more families to start a new life. A life free from hunger, a life that will allow them to send their children to school. A life (A Changed Life) that will give them piece of mind.

Now, that is what we mean when we say “A Hand Up” not a “Hand Out”. But it doesn’t stop there. These two animals have the potential to bring that same changed life to 18 or more families. Please donate today.

Can you believe it? LUMM and LUMC just keep coming through for us.
They sure are a faithful congregation. And then Heifer rewards them by matching and even tripling their donations.
Heifer update Feb. 27th

I had wanted to bring this message to you personally, but my staff insisted otherwise. Over this reporting period 2 pigs and 1 sheep were donated. But as the staff stated, Heifer did some matching. Donation on December 9, 2020, of a goat, 2 pigs and a sheep was matched. A goat was donated on December 21 and another on December 30. These 2 donations were tripled. It is amazing how fast our donations grow. Praise God!

Don’t forget to get involved in the excitement of lifting people at home and around the world out of hunger and poverty.

And don’t forget our drawing, every $20 donation puts your name in the contest. 1st prize – a “GPS” animal of your choice, donated in your honor. 2nd prize – a 5-piece kitchen towel set adorned with Heifer animals. Donate today. Thank you from the Lakeview Men. Lets all help care for God’s flock.

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