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Heifer Updates for April 2021

Heifer Update 4-1

heifer0401211The congregation of The Lakeview United Methodist Church has made another impact on the poor and hungry of the world. From February 16, 2021 through March 15, 2021 you have delivered 4 Sheep, 1 Goat and 1 Flock of Chicks. The full impact of your donations could bring 54 families out of hunger and poverty. Thank You!

On another subject, how many of you use Amazon.com? Following is a letter I received this past week.

Dear Arlan Steen,

This is the quarterly notification to inform you that AmazonSmile has made a charitable donation to the charity you’ve selected, Heifer International, in the amount of $42,824.56 as a result of qualifying purchases made by customers who have selected this charity.

Thanks to customers shopping at smile.amazon.com, or with AmazonSmile ON in the Amazon Shopping app, everyday purchases have generated over $266 million in donations to charities worldwide so far.

AmazonSmile’s impact:

      • $445,105.43 to Heifer International
      • $241,928,506.19 to all charities in the US
      • $266,896,659.48 to all charities worldwide

AmazonSmile has the exact same products, same low prices, and same convenient shopping experience as amazon.com, with the added benefit of generating donations for charity – at no additional cost to you.

A wonderful way to support charities indirectly

Heifer Update 4-5

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!! How wonderful to know that our Lord is Alive and Alive in us.

heifer0405211How good is the feeling that we will have enough to eat at our next meal? How good is the feeling of hearing the jingle in our pockets or purses? Many around the world have yet to experience that feeling, but praise God, many do through your donations to the Heifer Project.

heifer0405212Heifers’ objective of ending poverty and hunger is working, but we still have a long way to go. The Lakeview United Methodist Men need your help to deliver the joy of having enough food to eat and enough income to educate children and buy clothes, shelter and food. Let’s see more smiles from at home and around the world.

Heifer Update 4-12

I received some great news this past week. Several of our recent donations were matched by Heifer International

5 Sheep were doubled = 5 Sheep additional
4 Goats were tripled = 8 Goats additional
1 Flock of Chicks was tripled = 2 Flocks / Chicks additional

heifer412211The original 10 animals / flock have the potential of changing the lives of 90 families – the additional 15 animals / flocks = 135 more.

“Passing on the Gift” is the hallmark of Heifer International. Each family who receives an animal pledges to pass on the first female offspring to another family in need. But it doesn’t stop there. Those families often pass it on again and again (average of 9x), creating an interconnected web of generosity and self-reliance.

That means your gift makes its way around the world, connecting us all and creating sustainable change. Praise God!

Heifer Update 4-19

Here is another story of how Goats can change peoples’ lives.

Heifer042401Before Heifer, Martina lived a life tinged with gender disparities and lack of funds, unable to send her children to school. “On the day I received animals from Heifer, I danced and felt I was the only person on earth who God loved,” she said. Saabar had never kept goats before, but she was trained on how to keep her herd healthy and prosperous. She has gifted four goats to others in the community. With training in gender equality, work between the men and women has become equal in the fields and at home. “If Heifer was not here, I would look older than I do.” She said.

The “GPS” Program and your generosity has made a significant impact on the lives of many. Thank you,

Shankeral Meghwal of India says it well.

Heifer Update 4-26

Heifer042502Today we go to Uganda to meet a special person, Leah. She teaches (through Heifer Uganda), people the skills they need to build a business and make it profitable.

But then Covid-19 hit. It put a stop to all public transportation and life for farmers was increasingly difficult.

So what did Leah do? She bought a motorcycle and began delivering farming supplies like seeds, tools, irrigation equipment and fertilizer to farmers who were unable to access them

Now, not only can she reach more people than before, but she can work closely with others who are working hard to keep young farmers afloat during this time of crisis.Heifer042501

We need more Leah’s or Aubree’s, who has this to say of the Heifer Program.

You, too, can help. Thanks for your continued support.

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