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Heifer Update


The following is from a letter I received from the President of Heifer International, Pierre Ferrari.

“Heifer India is Supporting Smallholder Farmers After Cyclone Amphan”  Cyclone Amphan did an estimated $12.2 billion dollars worth of damage in West Bengai last week.  Farmers supported by Heifer India in Odisha reported extensive damage to chicken coops, kitchen gardens. And paddy fields, affecting families nutrition and sources of income. 

Women farmers that are part of Hatching Hope, a project that promotes small-scale poultry production, reported loss of birds and damage to their homes.  Loss of crops threatens farmer incomes and food security throughout the region in the coming months.  Heifer India is assessing communities needs and adapting programs to give farmers the support they need.

So how did Lakeview do in answering that need?  I’d say VERY,VERY GOOD!!  For the month of May , the LUMM donated, (on your behalf), 54 flocks of poultry., short by only 3 flocks of our first Flock Sale, 2 years ago. That is Fantastic!  The flock Sale-2 has now donated 73 flocks. Plus 2 that were matched for a total of 75.  We are also expecting more matches.

Please pray for the people of India, and pray for our program as we continue to attend to their needs.  Thank You!

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