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Heifer Update March 23


Heifer Bees

Bee quiz:  How fast can a bee fly?

A. 15 MPH

B.  20 MPH

C.  35 MPH

Now an article taken from a Heifer International Catalog, titled “Honey Bees Sweeten Life in Ecuador”.  Aideé Maria Tomalá Catuto grew up in Ecuador without electricity or clean water and she despaired that her children were growing up in the same poverty.

Bees_001Aideé was determined to make their lives different and ambitiously started to keep bees, but her hives didn’t produce much and there was nowhere to sell it.  Gifts to Heifer changed all that.  Not only did Heifer teach her better bee keeping techniques, they started a Farmer’s Cooperative so she could pool her honey with others and make more income than on her own.  Now she sells her honey at a good price to provide for her family and educate her sons.  Aideé can’t stop smiling as she talks about her new life.  Now there’s a story with a lot of “Buzz”.

Please visit the Lakeview United Methodist Men’s display in Smoot Hall, make a donation drop in our bee hive and feel the “buzz” in your heart.  God Bless You.

Bee Quiz Answer:      A.  15 MPH

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