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The message of Easter is that Jesus has risen!” ~ Colin Smith

Heifer Update – January 2022


Happy New Year!! The LUMM and the LUMC have now been supporting the Heifer Program for 4 years. We have collectively changed the lives of many small farmer families around the world. For the next 4 months we will feature a Flock of Chicks and the Hope Basket in our new segment “Chicks ‘N’ Bunnies”. Both are fast multipliers and will bring relief quickly to their residents. The Flock of Chicks usually consists of about 20 birds of any age, depending on the circumstances of the recipient. The Hope Basket contains a Flock of Chicks and 3 Rabbits.

This past reporting period, the following was donated: 1 Water Buffalo, 2 Goats, 1 Pig, 2 Hope Baskets and a Flock of Chicks. Someone received a terrific Christmas present.

Thanks to all of you who have faithfully supported the LUMM/Heifer Project.

Watch your Newsletters for a Heifer Project Night at TNT!


Heifer Update 1-1

Happy New Year!!! To LUMC and Friends from the LUMM/Heifer Project.

May you all have a most blessed 2022. We have blessed many small, poor, and hungry farm families around the world, but our mission is not over. As Heifer International would say “Our Mission is Not Over until Hunger and Poverty no Longer Exists.”

There are still many opportunities (ornaments) on the Heifer Tree. Your donation will make a wonderful change in someone’s life.

Now let us remember the true meaning of the Giving of a Gift “and Mary gave birth to a Son, and he was named “Jesus”.


Heifer Update 1-3

Happy New Year! And with the new year we start a new program – “Chicks ‘N’ Bunnies”. But first the results of the last program “Got Milk?”. Donations made to Heifer International were as follows: 4 Heifers, 5 Water Buffalo, and 8 Goats. By request also 5 Flocks of Chicks, 2 Hope Baskets, and 1 Pig. That was a wonderful 25 Christmas presents for the poor and hungry.


The “Chicks ‘N’ Bunnies” Program will conclude on April 30, 2022. It features 2 Gifts that are fast producers. #1 – Flock of Chicks (any age depending on the status of the recipients) and #2 – The Hope Basket. It includes a Flock of Chicks and 3 Rabbits. Visit the LUMM Display in Smoot Hall and donate your favorite.

Thank you from the Men’s Club for your generous support.

Heifer Update 1-10

Heifer1101Today I want to share some information that was presented at the LUMM Breakfast meeting.

Last year the donations to the Heifer Project: we averaged a Gift of an Animal(s) each week of last year. A gift that will start lifting a poor hungry family into a life free from poverty and hunger, while caring for the earth.

Last month a group of generous donors agreed to match December donations up to the amount of $500,000.00. As I receive any notice of our donations being matched, I’ll share with you that good news.

Amazon Smile donated (last quarter) to Heifer International in the amount of $31,037.57. This is the result of qualifying purchases made by those who designated “Heifer International” as their selected charity.

2021 was a great year for us. Can we top it in 2022? Use the Quarter Tubes, use the “Heifer” Banks, and visit and donate at the “Chicks ‘N’ Bunnies” Display in Smoot Hall.

Thank you and God Bless You.

Heifer Update 1-22

Heifer1241“Chicks ‘N’ Bunnies” will be arriving before Easter. A great way to start a new life for many small farmer families around the world. Nutritious eggs and meat will put a smile on the face of many.

Heifer International has placed many animals, seeds and critical education to the many small-scale farmers in 2021. Heifer does not help families by giving them food or money. Nor do they only stick with them for a short period of time, rather, they set them up for long term-and don’t leave them until they are assured that they won’t slip back into poverty ever again. A real Hands Up – Not a Hand Out.

Please join the LUMM in making this program one that will benefit these poor families for generations to come. Let’s send our “Chicks ‘N’ Bunnies” around the world. Thank you.

Heifer Update 1-29

The Holiday Season is over but the gifts keep arriving. I was informed that 2 of our donations of last month have been matched. A Goat and 2 Hope Baskets. A great way to start a new year.

On another exciting note – Lindsay Duvall and Devin Foster have committed to be with us at TNT on February 17th. Mark your calendars. You won’t want to miss this. More details will be forthcoming.

Heifer1292Last week your donations also were put to work. Two Flocks of Chicks and 2 Hope Baskets are on the way to someone in need. What a blessing it is to share with others.

Last but not least. Don’t forget the LUMM Pancake Breakfast. Pancakes – sausage – coffee – and fresh squeezed orange juice. See you there.

Don’t forget to visit the LUMM/Heifer Display in Smoot Hall and donate to your favorite.

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