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Heifer Update – Gift Ark


Gift Ark

As of yesterday, the balance of funds for the “Gift Ark” was $1338.50. That awakened a number of the animals that are designated to go on this voyage. They are anxious to get started in helping poor and hungry folks find the help they need and deserve. Collection banks and envelopes are available in the Narthex, Chapel and Smoot Hall. Please avail yourself to these so these animals can be on their way.

In Guatemala, Zacharías was introduced to fish by Heifer International. First, he learned how to build ponds, including lining the bottoms and running raised pipes to supply water. Heifer gave him and his wife, 200 Tagaria fingerlings. In six months, they became 2 pounders. Selling at $1.36 a pound, Zacharías can now purchase meat, rice, beans and eggs for his family. He says “my family has never been healthier,” and whenever the kids get hungry, they go to the pond, put a fish on a stick and fry it.

ZacharíasZacharías Xol Cuc and his daughter, Keny, show off the tilapia they are raising in their pond.  Zacarías’ income has increased substantially since he began raising fish, and now he is also growing cacao.  He plans to add a second pond and build a cement house for his family.

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