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Heifer Update for October 2023

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To start this article, I need to say a big “THANK YOU” to all who (in any way) participated in the “FLOCK SALE #3”. I am so proud of what we have done for the poor and hungry of the world. With our donations and the matching done by Heifer International, we have given hope to 210 small farmers and their families. Hope that will release them from the bonds of hunger and poverty. But let’s take our number, 210, beyond itself. Heifer International’s average of 9x the impact brings the reach of our program to 1,890 families that we will have touched. That is a big “Hand Up” not a “Hand Out”.

Now we are in the program, “WATER4ALL”, for the balance of this

year. Today, I want to talk about fish. Did you know that fish and trees are somewhat alike? In that you can tell their age by the “growth rings” they have on their scales. The donation for fish is $300.00. It includes 3 Schools of Fish, approximately 5,000 fish fingerlings. Depending on the region determines what type of fish are used.

The most popular is Tilapia. Farmers typically build a 40×50 foot pond to raise their fish. After a year, a family can earn 6-8 times as much as a rice crop. Many farmers build their rabbit hutches and chicken coops over the water so the droppings will help grow pond algae for the fish to eat. Today people eat on average, 4 times as much fish as they did in the 1950’s.

Roberth Hernán and Digna Mágdelena sell a batch of 200-300 pounds of fish every 5 months, and they can fish their pond for their personal use any time they want. Then they make collagen out of the fish scales, which they sell as refrigerated gelatin.

Now it’s time for me to say “Let’s Go Fishin”.

Heifer Update October 7, 2023

Norman Rice – former Mayor of Seattle, Washington once said Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light.” As I thought about that, I realized that is what our Heifer Project is all about – – reaching into the darkness of Hunger and Poverty and pulling the Poor and Hungry into the light of a new life. “Praise God”.

This past month, this month and the next 2 months we are focusing on “Water 4 All”.

Last month’s Passing the Basket” brought us                   $113.00. Thank you.

September 1 our Bank Balance was                                                                      $ 8.00

September Deposits were                                                                                     $404.00

Donations were                                                                                                    $300.00

October 1 Balance was                                                                                         $112.00

Donations last month were 2 Irrigation Pumps. Matching funds provided 5 Flocks of Chicks – 2 of Ducks – 1 Flock of Geese – 1 Hope Basket and 1 Irrigation Pump. Next on the donation list is a Water Buffalo. It happened yesterday. Next up – Fish – 3 Schools of Fish or about 5,000 Fingerlings.

Now a story from Guatemala where Zoila and Francisco live. They put up with excessive flooding, followed by long periods of drought. Francisco would spend many hours a day searching for water – sometimes traveling 6 miles a day to find water – then bring it home and store it in jars and barrels for home use. Cinnamon and Allspice were the crops they relied on to sustain their family. Their crops also needed water. In stepped Heifer. In 2020 they adopted the “Heifers Green Business Belt” Project. They taught the Guatemalan farmers how to better cope with the floods, and the long droughts that followed. They helped them scale up capacity and gain access to high value markets.

In the past, Zoila and Francisco’s harvest of 2,000 pounds of Allspice was sold at 16 – 19 cents a pound, which would net them about $775.00. With the help from Heifer they adopted more productive farming, manufacturing and marketing techniques. Their 2022 harvest brought in $3,300.00 for their Allspice which sold for 77 cents a pound. With the extra income they purchased a “Rainwater Harvesting System” which includes two 449 gallon storage tanks. The search for water has gotten much easier. And, our “WATER 4 All” will benefit many more of God’s poor and hungry.

Thank you!

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