“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” ~C.S. Lewis

Heifer Update for October 2021


Heifer Update – August 16, 2021 thru September 15, 2021

At the 11th hour, we accumulated enough funds to donate a   Water Buffalo. This is the second Water Buffalo donated from the “Got Milk?” portion of the Heifer Project. Thank you Lakeview UMC. She will have many duties to fulfill for her new family, namely, offspring, milk, and draft power to name only three. Her first offspring will be a part of “Passing the Gift.” Then another family can enjoy the fruits of her labor. This gift will be passed on about 7 more times. Changing lives by lifting their families out of hunger and poverty, while caring for the earth.

Next in our rotation of “Got Milk?” animals is the Goat. Aren’t    we beautiful?

We too can produce milk and meat. We also can produce offspring – up to three times a year, many times with twins. And we are really good at making smiles.

Join with us in providing a Goat to a needy, hungry family. Sometimes all it takes to save a child is a Goat.

(Part of a quote from “60 Minutes.”) Thank you again for your wonderful support.

Heifer Update – 10-4

I started my journey from Sun City, AZ to parts unknown on Friday, September 24, 2021. I am excited to see my new family and will do my best to lead them into a new-life, free of hunger and poverty.

What a powerful statement! I’m sure all Heifer animals have the same attitude.

Next on our list is the Heifer. As we travel to Bangladesh we meet Sohorab Hossain and Suktara Begum. They married at 20 and Suktara accepted the severe restrictions placed on Bangladesh wives. Now 37 she says she couldn’t even go outside. “So my husband bought everything.” she said, “I just accepted this. I had no choice.”

Again, enter Heifer International. Their training is gender and justice orientated and answered many of her questions. Along with her courage she found a path for herself and other women so they can more fully participate in the lives of their families and communities.

Additional training from Heifer in animal management, enterprise development, nutrition, kitchen gardening and Heifers International course called the “12 Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Development” has taught them how to properly feed, shelter and vaccinate their animals. Now they have excess animals to sell. The money from these sales is used to lease more land.

About “Passing the Gift”: Suktara says, “If I can produce the crops then I am able to eat myself, meet the demand for my family and I also Pass the Gift to others in the neighborhood. It is better for all of us. Isn’t it?”

Let’s start another family like Sohorab and Suktara with the gift of a LUMM Heifer.

Heifer Update – 10-9

Heifer1092It all starts with you! Your donation to the “Got Milk?” Program will be used as follows. Through Heifer International a Heifer and intense training in her care is received by a family. When she has her first offspring, (we prefer another Heifer), her female offspring is part of the “Passing the Gift.”  Thus starts the next cycle. The family will earn extra income from selling milk. Now they can afford food, medicine and education for their children. Children grow up healthy and break out of the cycle of poverty. 

Latest news – we just sent in a donation for a Heifer because of a donation received today.

Heifer Update 10/16

It’s a very difficult (yet very enjoyable) job keeping up with the generous donors of Lakeview United Methodist Church. Since our Men’s Breakfast and meeting on October 2nd, we have donated a Heifer and a Water Buffalo. The next milk producer on our list is the Goat.

Heifer10161Aside from being a beautiful animal, the Goat too does its share in bringing new life to a family of need. Speaking of Goats, Pastor Dave brought his Goat to the Men’s Breakfast. His Goat’s name is Thurman Pickle. He was a delightful guest. I’ll try to get a picture of Thurman to share with you soon.

Have you been to the Men’s Breakfast yet? If not, please try to attend one soon. After a delicious breakfast and wonderful fellowship, the men have devotions and their business meeting. It truly is a delightful time. It happens the first Saturday of each month, starting at 8:30 a.m. in Smoot Hall. So put the next meeting on your calendar for November 6th! You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you for your wonderful ongoing support.

Heifer Update – 10-25

Now, we start the “Got Milk?” cycle again. Another goat was donated 3 days ago, so it’s “Heifer Up”. And our donations have her half covered. We know she will make a positive impact on a poor, hungry families life.

heifer10231Each Heifer training session is based around the “12 cornerstones for just and sustainable development”. Over the next six weeks I will briefly mention 2 of them weekly. They are meant to establish a set of common values between them at the beginning of the partnership with Heifer.

#1 – Passing on the gift. Share the bounty often as animals first female offspring.

#2 – Accountability. Shared goals, best practices and full transparency.

From the LUMM / Heifer Project I thank you all for your comments, suggestions, prayers and donations.

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