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Heifer Update for November 2022

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Heifer Update for November 2022

“Bees ‘N’ Seeds”, our project through December 31 has seen the effects of a national slow-down. Two Hives of Honey Bees have been donated during the above-named dates. But, those two hives are going to produce ample honey and honey by-products, provide pollination for increased yields of garden products, fruit and nuts, so that several poor and hungry families will find their way out of hunger and poverty. But for many families, they will go to bed again – hungry. And children will suffer the most.

The pandemic has caused the number of people living in hunger to double. The United Nations is predicting that hundreds of thousands more will face famine because of international wars and economic insecurity. The LUMM project of “Bees ‘N’ Seeds” is ideal for this situation. The unBEElievable bee will show us many uses for its product, and the products stability.


Yes, children are going to bed hungry. Parents are working harder but earning less for their labor. They don’t know if they will have enough food to feed their families.  What better time is there than now to help them out. Donate a Hive of Honey Bees or a Gift of Garden Seeds today.  Thank you.

Heifer Update November 7th

In Central America grows the Cacao trees, or, as we would call them, the chocolate trees. We love them. The average american eats about 10 pounds of chocolate per year. The Cacao tree produces large pods that are full of seeds, that get turned into chocolate. Small farmers face many challenges such as poor crop management, low resistant varieties, and inadequate technology. So, Heifer stepped in and started “Heifer’s Chocolate 4 All” project, teaching farmers how to grow healthier trees and help in marketing their product.


Then, in Kenya, Heifer helped form self-help groups in the raising and marketing of vegetables. And in Honduras, Heifer gave help in the production of the bean harvest.

Heifer’s work is a big part of the solution, enabling farmers to provide more of the food they need to prosper. Last year, Heifer helped nearly one million families improve their animal’s productivity, establish kitchen gardens, and increase their income.

Now, it is up to people like you and I, to help support Heifer International in their efforts to eliminate hunger and poverty while caring for the earth.

Thank you for your continuing support.


Heifer Update November 13th

Looks like the honeybees have been working. Through natural pollination, honeybees can increase the yeild of vegetables and fruit by 100%.

Bee-keepers in Mexico are dealing with a problem of adulterated honey coming in from other countries. The estimated loss per year is $576 million. The fake honey is arriving mostly from China and can sell at 20% to 30% lower than the price of real honey.

Heifer Mexico program manager, Javier Sanchez, says “Producers can’t sell their honey, so they do not have cash flow to maintain their hives. They literally have to decide which hives to save and which hives to lose.”

Heifer Mexico works with about 2500 beekeepers in Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla, and Yucatan, and are exploring ways to connect those farmers to steady markets. Also being explored is turning honey into soaps, syrups, cosmetics, and health supplements. Please include them in your prayers.


Heifer Update November 21st


The Busy Little Bee, while he is making honey for our use in so many ways, we still ask, “What purpose do these little creatures serve?” The picture on the right may hold the answer to another of this little guy’s powers. Through the bee’s natural pollination of fruits and vegetables around the world, we can see the abundance he helps provide. Up to the doubling of the yield, in many instances.


We have so much to be thankful for in this season. Thankful for what we have and thankful for the opportunity to share with others. Finase, as she stands among her kale, is thankfull for our sharing with her. Through Heifer International, who furnished her with Tree Seedlings and Garden Seeds, she received a bountyful harvest to sell at market and share with friends and neighbors.

Then comes Christmas. This year, lets fill stockings around the world with garden seeds. And in the background, a few Hives of Honeybees.

Heifer Update November 28th

Today I want to share an article regarding the plight in Honduras. Praise God for the work of Heifer International.

HONDURAS Leveraging Success

Project Overview

Heifer1128Heifer works to reduce the living income gap of rural Honduran families while also developing and strengthening local economies. Strengthening micro, small, and medium size enterprises increases the quality of products and services, increases productivity through innovation, and improves access to higher value markets and coordination with stakeholders in the value chain.

Heifer defines a living income as all the income a household earned/generated or transferred, whether cash or in-kind, sufficient to enable all members of the household to afford a dignified standard of living. A five-member Honduran family requires approximately $4,400 per year to cover all their basic needs. The average income of families in the areas of intervention is $2,350 a year. By the end of the project, Heifer will reduce this $2,050 income gap to achieve a more stable economy for communities in Olancho, Choluteca, Santa Bárbara, Copán, and Lempira.

Leveraging success is reducing the living income gap of 24,500 families linked to 300 enterprises and associations in coffee, honey, dairy and tourism. These value chains develop inclusive local economies that create jobs, increase income and reduce poverty.

We are entering the last month of the “Bees ‘N’ Seeds” campaign. The Lakeview Men’s Ministries has a big “Thank You” for your thoughts, prayers, and support.

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