“The message of Easter is not that Jesus is alive, it is so much more.
The message of Easter is that Jesus has risen!” ~ Colin Smith

Heifer Update for November 2021


Heifer Update – September 16, 2021 thru October 15, 2021


So how does everyone like “My New Staff?” I had to find them quickly as my old staff shipped out to serve new families. Families struggling with hunger and poverty. I pray they will bring new life to their new homes.

For the time period listed above, this willing, outstanding and wonderful congregation donated One Heifer, One Water Buffalo and Two Goats (my old staff). Those four animals, in time, should allow 36 families to lift their way out of hunger and poverty. Praise God.

This being the month of Thanksgiving, lets show our thankfulness by helping more families, also giving them another reason to be thankful.

I want to finish with another wonderful story from Kenya.

Blessings and Happy “Thanksgiving”!

Heifer Update 11-1

Two more of the 12 Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Development.


Ronny Onyango lives in the tiny village of Ulafu in western Kenya. A few years ago Ronny came down with measles, a disease that could kill a child and break a family’s heart forever. When taken to a doctor he was prescribed an immediate regimen of abundant eggs and milk. They struggled, as they were one of the poorest families in the village. They lived in a small hut with a grass roof and mud walls. Foraged greens and a stiff cornmeal paste was a typical meal. Enter Heifer, and Ronny’s parents, Faith and Samuel received a cow. “Bahati” as she is called, means Lucky, was soon producing over 5 gallons of milk daily. One gallon was set aside for Ronny and family, 3 gallons plus was sold. That milk allowed the purchase of a Flock of Chickens. Bahati and the chickens helped Ronny recover from the measles. He was fed warm milk mixed with egg yolks 3 times a day. Ronny recovered, got stronger and enjoys the company and milk of Bahati.

Now multiply this story by nearly 2 million and you will have a picture of what Heifer International has done this past year. You have been in that picture with your generous donations. Together we can continue giving a “Hand-Up”, not a Hand-Out. Together we can “Pass the Gift” today for another of God’s family.


Heifer Update 11-7

To start this update I want to reprint (in part) a letter received from the President of Heifer International, Pierre Ferrari.

Dear Arlan,
What did your life look like at the young age of 17? What were you worried about when you were younger? Getting to school on time or getting good grades on your book report?
Now imagine, 17 year-old you, unable to read or write and living in a two-bedroom home with your new husband. For Panchu Devi, this was reality.
Panchu had never been able to read or write. In Rajasthan, India, less than half of the village’s women have ever set foot in a school. Although Panchu dreamed of going to school, she was needed at home more. Every day was a struggle for her family.
But then a stroke of good luck happened. In 2013, Panchu – now in her late thirties and a mom of a growing family – received goats from Heifer. Along with training, she and her husband learned how to best care for their goats and sell dairy products at market. Since joining Heifer, Panchu and her husband Shrawan have seen a drastic transformation in their lives not just because they now have reliable income from selling milk, ghee and other dairy products, but because they took part in Heifer’s gender and justice training.
You see, before Heifer, the family struggled to send their daughters to school and her husband did not value the role of girls and women in the community. Thanks to your support, Panchu’s husband has changed his long-held beliefs about the role of girls and women in the household and society at large. And now, with the help of her daughters, Panchu learned to write – something she never thought possible before.
Panchu’s family is living proof that educating women not only breaks the cycle of illiteracy, but it also helps end toxic cycles of violence, missed education and offers equal distribution of household responsibilities.
Your gift doesn’t just help to feed hungry children… it helps educate, empower and provide them with brighter futures than they ever thought possible!
Panchu Devi’s family has been changed forever by the gracious generosity of donors like you. It means so much to us at Heifer and the women you help to empower all around the world by being a valuable Friends of Heifer® member.

With gratitude, Pierre Ferrari – Heifer International

So now we see the end of October. Your donations have left a high bar. We again were able to donate 1 of each of the “Got Milk?” animals, a Heifer, Water Buffalo and Goat. Then this past week another Goat was donated, and then 2 Goats and 3 Flocks of Chicks. Now that is a great number of hunger and poverty fighters.

Thank you all for your donations, thoughts and prayers as we move this program into the last two months of 2021.

Heifer Update 11-15

Here are two more of the 12 Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Development. The Twelve Cornerstones are a vital part of every Heifer recipient’s training.

This picture was taken in a rice field near Manila Philippines. You see the machinery for the harvest, but look who is carrying the load. The powerful Water Buffalo.

What better time than in this holiday season to send a family in need a Water Buffalo. They will provide draft power for planting rice and potatoes. Manure for fertilizer and fuel and generate added income for clothing, medicine, school and home improvements. Help lead a hungry family out of poverty, give a Water Buffalo.

Heifer Update 11-22

Today we look at two more of Heifers “12 Cornerstones” for Just and Sustainable Development.

The Kaski Region of Nepal was home for Jeetu Pun. But she and her husband had to leave home to find work. They worked abroad for ten years only to return home without any savings, and desperate to repay their debt. Then she got the gift of a lifetime! After intense training in the care of animals and a lot of good farming advice, Heifer delivered two beautiful, healthy Water Buffalos. They turned Jeetu’s life around. She had learned how to care for her buffalos. She met with successful farmers who taught her how to raise a herd.

Now the Pun Family wants to share their story of success, all thanks to generous people like YOU!!

Thanking all for their support of the LUMM/Heifer Project!

Heifer Update 11-29

Two more of Heifers “12 Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Development”.


Heifer11293This week is one of Thanksgiving – when we read the stories from Heifer, it really brings to light the thankfulness we all should express from our hearts. From Psalm 107:8-9 we read “Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind, for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things”.

On November 27th the Heifer Christmas Tree will be set up. This year it will be decorated, again, with ornaments, but of a different type. There will be tags of all the animals we have donated over the last 4 years. Let’s call it our “Christmas Buffet”. Pick off an ornament, make a donation and we will put it into action. More about this next week. Thank you all for your loving support.

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