“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” ~C.S. Lewis

Heifer Update for Nov. 23, 2019


Heifer “Joy To The World” Animal

Heifer-111619Today we will feature one of our “Joy to the World” animals, the alpaca.  These animals are well suited to highlands.  They have padded feet that don’t disturb the ground and their gentle way of nibbling the tops of grasses rather than yanking out the plants by the roots.

Many of the women, while tending the herd, will hand spin the alpaca wool into yarn.  White alpacas are prized because their wool can be dyed any color.  The yarn is knitted, crocheted and woven into many colorful and warm pieces of clothing.

Oh, by the way, our first two alpacas will soon meet their new families, as well as two sheep, one heifer, and four goats.  In 11 days the LUMM received enough donations to order our first “Joy to the World” gift basket.  That was great.  Let’s do another!

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