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Heifer Update for May 2024

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Heifer Update

In Proverbs 19:17 we read, “He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord, and that which he hath given will he pay him again.”

Here we are in the last month of our ”Wish List” Program. Next month will start a new adventure that will be introduced at next month’s meeting. Last month we “Passed the Basket” and it brought us $121.00. Then on March 14th at TNT, Lindsay Duvall from The Heifer Foundation joined us at TNT. “Passing the Basket” there brought us another $345, plus some funds are still coming in. So, our account looks like this: We started the month with $14.00, had deposits of $1458, made donations of $1470, leaving a balance of $2. Our donations were 6 Flocks of Chicks, 3 Hives of Honeybees, 3 Gifts of Garden Seeds, 2 Goats, 2 Alpacas, 2 Water Buffaloes, and 2 Food Baskets. Then Heifer International matched the gifts of 1 Flock of Chicks, 1 Gift of Honeybees, 1 Goat and 3 Food Baskets. But there’s more! The gifts of a Flock of Chicks, Honeybees, Goat, Food Basket, Garden Seeds and Water Buffalo were TRIPLED! That should eventually touch the lives of 360 poor, hungry families here and around the world. Let’s “Pass the Basket.”

Now, a trip to India! Two resilient farmers live in an impoverished state in India. Their lives and income depended mainly on one factor, rain. It was the rain that made the difference between a barren field or a thriving harvest. But the lives of Babilata and her husband, Sanjay, were changed with the support of people like you and Heifer International. She joined the “Hatching Hope, India” program to learn how to raise healthy animals. Babilata became trained in proper animal care and Sanjay received his para-veterinary diploma. Now she has 50 strong chickens, when before she could only raise 10, and has more than tripled her income from $48 to $180 in poultry alone. “We have learned about self-reliance and now it’s about living it,” she says. Through our compassion and generous support we can make a life-changing impact as was done in Thakurmunda, India. They now have the tools needed to care for their family and already see the immediate difference. “We are eating better. We are sending our children to a good school. Our living standards have improved. We are more financially secure than we were,” Sanjay said. Now they can achieve their full potential without having to rely on sporadic rain. Thank you for being the rainmakers for families like Babilata and Sanjay. We are making a difference here and in the world around us, one family at a time. To God be the Glory. Amen!

May 1st will start our new program “Passing the Basket.” It will feature 5 different baskets, namely: 1) Food Basket-$20 – initially benefits 2 families – a market for 1 and food for another; 2) Hope Basket – $50 – a Flock of Chicks and 3 Rabbits; 3) Earth Basket – $60 – Tree Seedlings and a Gift of Honeybees; 4) Promise Basket – $85 – Chicks, Ducks, and Rabbits; 5) Gardeners Basket – $170 – Tree Seedlings – HoneyBees, Chicks & Rabbits.

This program will run for 4 months and your generous gifts will put more food on the table, send more children to school, help remodel homes, increase income and help many families get hunger and poverty behind them. Please join the Men’s Ministries in this great cause.

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