“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” ~ Carl Bard

Heifer Update for May 2023

Heifer Cover

We had a great 30 days of donations through our “WWW” Campaign. Donations included 4 Alpaca, 4 Sheep and 5 Goats. Matching funds provided 2 more Alpaca and 2 Sheep. A month that will potentially enrich the lives of 153 small scale farmers and their families.

The “WWW” Program was concluded on April 30th. A complete report of the 4-month program will appear in the June issue of The Lakeviewer.

May 1st, we started a new 4-month segment. It will be “Flock Sale #3”.  Chosen because of it’s quick response to people’s needs and it is inexpensive to become involved. It will include Chicks, Ducks and Geese, for only $20 a flock. This event will also feature “The Hope Basket” for $50. That is a Flock of Chicks and 3 Rabbits.

Starting at age 6, Juana knew what hard work was. Even after marriage she struggled to give their children the most basic food. Often, they went hungry and had to choose between food and medicine when a child got sick. Juana knew things had to change. “But because I did not go to school, I didn’t know how to begin”, she said.

Then Heifer Training and a Gift of 65 Chickens, she learned to run an egg business. Today, her family has plenty of eggs to eat and sell. Gone are the days of choosing between food, medicine and school.

Heifer Update May 6th

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

“WWW” Program is over. Donations for the 4-month period were: 8-Alpaca, 8-Sheep, and 7-Goats. Matching funds provided an additional 7-Alpaca, 7-Sheep, and 7-Goats. That’s enough to provide 396 poor, hungry families the chance of a new life – free from hunger and poverty while caring for God’s earth. Last month to help close out the “WWW” Program, we passed the basket. That brought in $128.16. Thank you so very much.

Check out our Display – Our New Program for May through August is “Flock Sale #3”. The previous 2 Flock Sales have been very productive. The total flocks donated for sale: #1 was 50 Flocks – #2 was 189 Flocks. I’ve set a goal of 350 for “Flock Sale #3”. That will include donations and matching funds. Are you with me? Let’s pass the basket and get this program started.

Now our Bank Account:

                      April 1                                    $  79.00

                      Deposits for April                   $478.00

                      Donations for April                 $510.00

                      April 30 Balance                    $  47.00

The donation for a Flock of Chicks, Ducks or Geese is priced at only $20, making it inexpensive, but invaluable to a family struggling with hunger and poverty. In only 5-6 months a Chick will be producing eggs for the recipient. As our, Office Manager, Irene, puts it “That Incredible, Edible Egg.”

The Ducks are popular in Asia – bigger eggs, more meat. The Goose is the least popular, but is valued for its meat and Goose Down. The “Hope Basket” for $50 combines a Flock of Chicks and 3 Rabbits. Because of the varied popularity, we will have scheduled donations. The first $100 of donations will be 5-Flocks or Chicks, the next $40 donation will be 2-Flocks of Ducks, the next $20 donation will be 1-Flock of Geese and the next $50 donation will be a Hope Basket. Any designated donations will be made without affecting the sequence of donations.

This program, as well as all those in the past, will be exciting. It’s always such a joy to put a struggling family on a new path. Donate and Pray. But not necessarily in that order. Amen?

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