“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” ~C.S. Lewis

Heifer Update for May 2022


Heifer Update 4-30

Here are the last three on Heifers Most Wanted. Their alias – Crime – and Bail. Can you help? This is the last week of the “Chicks ‘N’ Bunnies” Program. You have been wonderful with your generous donations. Thank You! Last week I said an update would be coming for the estimated numbers of eggs and bunnies that we have been responsible for since the start of the “Heifer Project” in 2017.

Please sit down and hold on to something. You have donated 395 Flocks of Chicks and 57 Trios of Rabbits.That means we have or will have introduced about 86,184 bunnies to the world.  And eggs — Oh My — 37,327,500! What a wonderful gift to the poor and hungry of the world.

Heifer Update 5-7

Well, the “Chicks ‘N’ Bunnies” Program has ended. I am so proud, because of the way we stepped up and made this program a huge success. Total donations for the program was 63 Flocks of Chicks and 34 Hope Baskets. Total numbers of matching donations were: 1 – Hope Basket tripled, 32 Hope Baskets doubled, and 59 Flocks of Chicks doubled. We still have open orders on 4 Flocks of Chicks and 2 Hope Baskets. Might get another match or 6. That can mean that up to 226 families may soon crawl out of the depths of poverty and hunger. Praise God!!! From myself and the entire LUMM – THANK YOU!

Now, it’s on to the “Heifers Most Wanted” List. “Chick” alias Chickadee has already been bailed out twice – she and the rest of the chicks are already working in this world, promoting self-sustainability. How great is that?

“Honeybees” alias Queen Bee will be our next focus. She and her hive will pollinate fruits and vegetables, causing a stable diet and product to spare, that can be sold at market or given to neighbors and friends. Win! Win! Let’s bail her out and put her to work.

Heifer Update 5-9

The LUMM had a great breakfast and meeting yesterday. If you have not yet attended one, put it on your calendar, June 4 @ 8:30 AM.

I reported at the meeting that our “Chicks ‘N’ Bunnies” Program has the potential of reaching 1764 poor and hungry families, both at home and around the world. Thank you for a job well done.

Last week “Queen Bee” was bailed out and will put her hive to work, pollinating garden crops of vegetables and fruit as well as field crops – and then there is the honey and other by-products.

Our next bad girl that we want to put to work is our “Woolly Wonder” the sheep. She will produce wool for clothing, meat for balanced diets, and other by-products. She is accused of “being a sheer delight for families in need”. It’s time to put “Woolly Wonder” to work.

Be sure to visit the display in Smoot Hall. Pick your favorite and bail them out. Thank you from the LUMM but I’m sure the big thank you will come from a Heifer recipient.


Heifer Update 5-16

“Wooly Wonder”, the Sheep, has been bailed out. Now she can go to work for a poor, hungry family, producing offspring, wool, milk, meat and other by-products. Her crime, being a sheer delight for families in need, will be put to the test. I’m sure she will be outstanding.

That puts “Babe”, the Pig, on the next-up list. Averaging 7 baby pigs a litter, twice a year, will put a lot of sausage, chops, and roasts on the table. Additional money from sales of her litters will help balance diets, help acquire other livestock, remodel a home and send children to school. “Babe” will surely be a blessing to many. Join in today with a gift that will set “Babe” free to do her job.

A big thank you from the LUMM for your support.

Heifer Update 5-23

We fell $2.00 short of releasing “Babe” last week, but it was off-set when bail money was donated for two Heifers, “Milky Mama” and two Hives of Bees “Queen Bee”. 

I’m sure “Babe” is packing because this week she will certainly be sent into this world to produce and change the lives of a poor and hungry family. Much like the family of Patrick and Bisentina Odoki, they struggled to rebuild their life after being forced to flee to Eulu, Uganda. They planted a few crops and tried to raise goats, pigs, and chickens but their farm continuously failed.  Then, a gift from Heifer of a pregnant dairy cow and seeds and grasses for feed.  Their cow produced almost two gallons of milk a day. They had milk to drink and milk to sell, which gave them money to buy other nutritious foods. In the past they couldn’t afford school fees but Patrick says “Now, when we started getting money from milk, paying school fees became easier.” The couple passed the first calf to a neighbor. Bisentina says “We are not the only ones to feel happy”.

Heifer International adds this to the story: “Heifer started distributing cows to Ugandan farmers in 1982. In the ensuing years – through Civil War and the ill effects of climate change and Covid 19 – we have helped strengthen more than 900,000 families. Your support helps lift people out of poverty and build resilience to withstand future crises.  Thank you!”



Heifer Update 5-29

Juvy and Eduardo Hesita live on Mindanao (a small island in the Philippines). They have been living by the old proverb “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime”, ever since Heifer came into their lives. For years they struggled, never enough income. Then they received two heifers, proper training, veterinary care, and seeds. Now, Juvy can make an income from the milk her cows produce, allowing her to feed her family and purchase additional animals and supplies to grow her budding farm.


Last week “Babe” the Pig went out into the world to do her part, bringing a family out of hunger and poverty. I have a feeling that “Billy the Kid” wants to do likewise. Let’s give her the chance to do so. Bail is set at $120 and we are close to halfway there. The rest is east. Pick up her card in Smoot Hall, sign it, and drop it and the bail into the Bail Drop.


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