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Heifer Update for March 7, 2020


The balance at the end of the  “Heifer – Joy to the World”  Program was $160.  We donated a llama ($150), one of the gift basket animals, leaving $10 to carry over to the “Flock Sale-2.”  Thank you all for a very successful program. 

Now, about the “Flock Sale” it will run for at least two months.  Poultry flocks are desperately needed in India.  Following is a post from Heifer International on Facebook, February 24: “We need your help.  A disease outbreak in poultry in India threatens the livelihood of 30,000 families who were on a path out of poverty.  You can ensure these families, who depend on the eggs and income from their birds, don’t backslide into poverty.  Donate now to restock.”

Let’s flock together to help our brothers and sisters in Christ in India.

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