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Heifer Update for March 2023

Heifer Cover

Hi Lakeview United Methodist Church,Your generosity has assisted more than 895 thousand families get to a sustainable living income in 2022. You can read about your impact in the 2022 Annual Report by clicking the button. You will read inspiring stories from farmers around the world that you helped make possible.If you would like a print copy please feel free to reach out to me. Thank you for your support in ending hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth.With gratitude,Lindsay Duvalllindsay.duvall@heifer.orgPS: We still have our church match going on until June 30, 2023 so if you have any pending donations you need to send in or want to do another fundraiser, please reach out to me!

Heifer Update March 5th

How does Heifer International determine who should get what animal? Several factors enter into this decision: 1) What quality, locally adapted animals are available for a particular area? 2) The availability of appropriate – low cost housing is considered. 3) Another important factor is the availability of locally available feed and 4) Marketing strategies for the animal and animal products.

Heifer International uses their field experts, project leaders, field reps and other participants to determine exactly what type of animal the receipient needs. Their participants are asked to “Pass the Gift” to other families after allowing them to make the final decisions about what they will receive.

Looks like the child in the picture is happy with the choice. The Goat looks happy too. She is about to provide offspring, milk, wool/hair, meat, and the many other by-products. She will do her part in bringing her new family to the path that leads away from hunger and poverty, while caring for the earth. Praise God!


Heifer Update January 2nd

Happy New Year! Remember the saying “In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb?” 2022 went in and out like a lion – together we donated $11,900 to Heifer International this past year.

That was enough to change the lives of 215 poor, hungry, small farmer families, and, after the “Passing the Gift” (9x) that’s a potential of lifting 1,935 of those families out of hunger and poverty while caring for God’s earth.

But there is more – Throughout the year, many of our gifts were doubled and tripled – so add 1,827 to our number of families. It appears like the lion was around all year.

Will 2023 be any different? I don’t think it will. Today we start our new 4-month program – “WWW”. It means, “Wool, Wool, Wool”. Featured are Sheep, Alpaca, and Goat (Angora preferred). All wool producing animals whose wool will make clothing, scarves, mittens, and more. Plus, the additions of milk and meat makes these animals ideal to transform lives.

Pick your favorite and donate today. There is a poor hungry family waiting. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and support of the LUMM/Heifer Project.

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