“To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable, because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you.” ~C.S. Lewis

Heifer Update for June 2024

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Heifer Update

“This is the day that the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

The “Wish List” Program is over, and what a wonderful program it was. But first, let’s review the results of April 2024. We started with a bank balance of $2.00, deposited $1330.00, donated $1330.00, leaving us with a balance of $2.00. Our donations this month will immediately touch the lives of 159 poor, hungry families. Heifer International matched many of our previous gifts, both doubling and tripling them. The impact of those gifts will touch another 270 families for a monthly total of 429. Wow, what a month! But there’s more! Using the average of 9x the impact, eventually our donations of this month will touch the lives of 3861 families here and around the world. “To God be the Glory.”

Last month we passed the basket taking in $96.95. Speaking of passing the basket, that is our new program for May through August. There are five baskets we will feature in this program, 1st the popular “Food Basket” which can be donated for $20. It furnishes food for one family and provides a market for another.

For $50 you can donate a “Hope Basket.” In it is a Flock of Chicks and 3 Rabbits.

For $60 your choice would be an “Earth Basket” with a Hive of Honeybees and Tree Seedlings.

The “Promise Basket” can be donated for $85. It includes a Flock of Chicks, a Flock of Ducks, and 3 Rabbits.

And the last selection is the “Gardeners Basket.” For $170 it will certainly start a poor, hungry, small farmer and their family on a new path in life. It contains a Flock of Chicks, a Hive of Honeybees, 3 Rabbits and Tree Seedlings.

I am excited about this program. I can visualize homes where 3 meals are served daily. Children are going to good schools. The whole family has upgraded dwellings to live in. Families have money to spend on clothes and food, more land and livestock. Isn’t that what the Heifer Project is all about? Changing lives daily, yes, even saving some. Amen!

Last month I spent some time counting and rolling coins. Two banks came in with an average of $65 per bank. A great way to donate – take a bank home today. Another unique form of donation also occurred last month. A donation in honor of two wonderful 99-year-old ladies. There are many ways to donate but, please, donate. Another poor, hungry family is waiting for our response. Thank you!


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