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Heifer Update for June 2020


Good news!  Our donation of April 27th has been matched.  The total to date for the Flock Sale Two was 25 flocks., with the match – 27.

Heifer060120The following is what can and has happened with a flock of chicks. Georgina Perez received her flock of chicks in Mexico. Heifer training taught her how to care for her flock.  Soon her chicks were growing rapidly.  Then they began laying eggs, and more eggs than her family could eat.  Heifer connected her with a restaurant chain.  Her income increased and she was able to provide for her family as never before.  Her children now have nutritious meals and the chance to go to school.  Her business is thriving and her family is also.  PRAISE GOD!!!  More flocks are needed and welcomed.

Happy to report that another 4 flocks are on their way. May they be a blessing to poor farmers and put them on a path away from hunger and poverty.  I had another wonderful surprise this past week,  In my church mailbox was a plastic bag loaded with coins. It was evidently too much for the heifer bank to handle. Speaking of heifer banks- Are you using one? Don’t have one?  Call me and I will see you get one. In the meantime use a bowl, or a jar, or a pail, anything that a coin will fit into. Oh, cash and checks work too. Let’s be a blessing to many more of God’s less fortunate, Thank you from the LUMM!

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”  I am pleased to report that for the month of April, 4 flocks of ducks and 4 flocks of chicks were donated to Heifer International. We all know about the delicious,  nutricous eggs and meat produced by these poultry, but,  “Did you know?”   chickens are all-natural pest controllers-they eat just about anything, from weeds to insects to mice and lizards- often eliminating the need for toxic pesticides on a farm.  Thank you all for supporting the LUMM Heifer Project!!!

The following is an article taken from the publication “World Ark”.  Another example of what a flock of chicks means to a struggling family.

The title is  “Chicks bring bright futures to Cambodia”

Chhuon Yorum and her husband struggled to feed their children with the precious little money they earned.  Then everything changed when Chhoun heard about a Heifer International farming project nearby.  The benefits were almost immediate.  A gift of vegetable seeds and garden training helped her grow healthier and more plentiful fruits and vegetables.  And a gift of 20 chickens became a thriving chicken farm, which Chhoun now sustains with healthy feed she can grow from her own garden.

Her bustling chicken farm makes it possible for her to feed her children every day-and she’s been able to pay foe tutoring for her children too.

She’s even been able to secure vital irrigation equipment with income from her farm.  Now her family is stronger and healthier and, thanks to Heifer, she is planning for an even brighter tomorrow.

Arlan Steen LUMM Heifer Prpject

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