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Heifer Update for July 2021


Things slowed considerably this past month. We made a donation of one pig for the thirty-day reporting period. But, do you know what? That pig will surely help a poor, hungry family eat regularly and provide them with extra money to buy other foods, clothes, home repairs and send their children to school. And that is what this is all about

 “People helping People,” or as I like to put it – “People saving People.”

As you are reading this, the “GPS” Program will be closing. The final report of that program will be in the online version of the Lakeviewer and in the printing for August 2021. The winners of the drawing will also be announced.

Now the exciting news of the LUMM Heifer Project starting July 1. It will be known as “Got Milk?”. Three milk-producing animals will headline this event: 1) Heifer, 2) Water Buffalo and 3) Goat. Cards will be available at the LUMM/Heifer Project display in Smoot Hall. Mark your donation and drop it in the collection box. Don’t forget to visit the quarter tubes and make use of the Heifer banks. This event will be exciting. I can hardly wait. Please join me in making a difference. “Got Milk?”

Heifer Update 7-3

As you read this update, the “GPS” Program will be over. Final results will be posted next week along with the winners of the drawing.

I’ve got an idea, why not attend the Men’s Breakfast and learn the results there. It’s Saturday, July 3 at 8:30 AM.

The next segment of the Lakeview United Methodist Men’s Heifer Project is “Got Milk.” This program will bring the animals to the limelight, the Heifer, Water Buffalo and Goat. THREE milk producing animals that can surely help deliver poor, hungry families from the grip of hunger and poverty. We will feature the Heifer in July, the Water Buffalo in August and the Goat in September. Then rotate the three again. The LUMM / Heifer Project has been a great success. Thank you so much.

Now, another real life story of the help you provide through Heifer International.

A Heifer is a Blessing in Zambia

heifer75211Idah Ombe struggled to make ends meet on her small farm. Her husband died when their youngest child was just two years old, and she was responsible for her children and her mother, Eneya Katewule’s, care.

However, her luck changed when she received the incredible gift of a heifer and training in its care. Because of what Heifer taught them, Eneya and Idah were able to raise healthier cows. They were also able to afford medicine and more nutritious food. Most important, this gift helped Idah send all her children to school.

Eneya praises her daughter for being so hardworking, and said “I’m really proud that all of my grandchildren have gotten an education.”

Heifer Update 7-5

Happy New Year!

Heifer75212As promised, here is the final report of the “GPS” Program. The number of animals donated (on your behalf) numbered 27. And during the program a request and donation for a Flock of Chicks was received. Heifer International doubled and even tripled some of your donations, providing another 25 animals. The Flock of Chicks was also tripled. Doing the math the “GPS” Program has the potential of changing the lives of 495 families. Helping them live a life free of hunger and poverty. Praise God.

Heifer75211Now we move on to the “Got Milk?” Program. It features 3 milk producers, the Heifer, Water Buffalo and Goat. Nutritious milk and milk products. A good dairy cow can produce up to 4 gallons of milk daily, so there is plenty for a family, their neighbors, and still have some to store or sell. Protein-rich milk can improve the health of sick, malnourished children. And any income from the sale of milk can buy food, medicine, schooling and more. Plus, a Heifer can produce a calf yearling, so “Passing the Gift” will also help their neighbors or friends on the road of recovery from hunger and poverty. Join with us to help people at home and abroad to a better life. Thank you from the LUMM /Heifer Project.

Heifer Update 7-12

heifer7121Wonderful News! Our first Heifer is on her way. She will provide milk (and milk products) for a family fighting hunger and poverty. She will produce enough milk for her family. Plus, some for the neighbors, some to sell and some to store.

So now we move on to the Water Buffalo. heifer7122Another source of nutritious milk for the family, and plenty of power to till the soil for a crop of rice. The added income from the Water Buffalo can be used for clothing, medicine, school and home improvements.

And it is because of people like you that we can change the lives of many, here at home and around the world.

Thank you from the LUMM/Heifer Project.

Heifer Update 7-19

July 14th marked the 77th Anniversary of Heifer International. Seventy-seven years of providing animals and training in their care to poor farmers here and around the world. July 2021 also marks our 3 ½ years of the Heifer Project at Lakeview. We are presently in the “Got Milk?” portion of the Heifer Project. The animals that are in this program are the Heifer, Water Buffalo and Goat. Checking the records of the past 3 ½ years, here is the donation count of these three: 14 Heifers, 10 Water Buffalo and 52 Goats. All that from the wonderful, generous people of LUMC and friends.

While I’m into numbers, here is the latest quarterly donation from Amazon Smile, $33,526.02. If you order from Amazon, be sure to switch to Amazon Smile. Same products, same prices and you can name your favorite charity.

Just like Heifer International it’s a win – win program and finally, another success story from Nepal.

heifer719211Jeetu Pun never imagined it would take the “world’s largest bovine” to realize her family’s dream.

Like so many in the Kaski region of Nepal, Jeetu had to leave home to find work. After 10 years working abroad, she and her husband returned home without any savings and desperate to repay their debt.

Then she got the gift she needed from Heifer – two beautiful, healthy water buffalo and expert training in their care as well as farming advice.

These two buffalo turned Jeetu’s life around. She learned how to feed, house and care for her buffalo. She met with successful farmers who taught her the skills to raise a herd.

Now the Pun family is eager to share the story of their success – all thanks to a gift from a generous person like you.

From the LUMM/Heifer Project, many thanks for your thoughts, prayers and gifts.

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