“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” ~ Carl Bard

Heifer Update for January 11

Heifer Update

Because of you, stories like this become reality.  This takes place in Nepal and features Heifer011120Jit Kamari Yogi.  Jit was forced to marry at 16 to a much older man.  They had five sons.  One died shortly after birth from lack of medical care.  Another contracted measles.  Jit was forced to treat him with folk medicine made of rice and crushed insects.  When Jit finally escaped to a hospital with her son, no doctor would treat him.  One told her, “If I give medicine, I will be accused of killing him.”  He died and later Jit’s husband died.  She and her remaining sons lived in a small thatch hut with their animals.  Floods destroyed her crops.  The hut roof collapsed ruining all her supplies.  She attended classes in garden care.  She learned how to grow and sell vegetables.  Along came Heifer International and, after more training, she received two goats, two hens, vegetable and forage seeds and saplings.  After a time she began to thrive.  Today she has eight goats with plans to increase to forty.  And talk about giving back.  Jit has passed the gift – five goats, two buffalo, a calf, many chickens, clothing and even a house. 

Heifer has been a great help, but because of you, women are building enterprises and accessing new markets that were previously out of their reach.

Praise God!

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