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Heifer Update for Feburary 15, 2020

Heifer Project

“Passing the Gift”

NOWOne of the many successes of the Heifer Project, and probably the most successful, is the “Passing the Gift.” 

It is the requirement of Heifer recipients that the first-born female of the animals they received is passed on.  It goes to a neighbor, friend or relative and thus starts another family toward self-reliance.  And then, in Heifer history, it is found the gift is passed on an average of nine times.  In fact, in 2002, Heifer celebrated the passing on of the 3 millionth animal at a “Passing the Gift” ceremony in China.

I am so thrilled that the Lakeview congregation and friends also pass the gift.  The Methodist Men of Lakeview thank you for your wonderful support. 

“We give so that more can live.”

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