“O Lord, make this Lenten season different from the other ones. Let me find you again. Amen.” —Henri Nouwen

Heifer Update for January 2024

Heifer Cover

 Happy New Year!

The “Water 4 All” Program has ended. Final results were very impressive. Total donations were 3 Irrigation Pumps, 2 Water Buffalo, 1 Gift of Fish, and 1 Gift of Clean Water. Then in December we added the Food Basket and gifts from the Christmas tree. That added 16 Food Baskets, 4 Flocks of Chicks, and 2 Goats. Then from Heifer International Funds a number of our donations were matched.

From a previous campaign there were 5 Flocks of Chicks, 2 Flocks of Ducks, 1 Flock of Geese and 1 Hope Basket. Matches from the “Water 4 All” Program were 3 Irrigation Pumps, 1 Water Buffalo, 1 Gift of Fish, and 1 Gift of Clean Water. And lastly, a 4X match on 5 Food Baskets, raising that count to 20 Food Baskets. We will see more 3X and 4X matches coming in this month. To God be the glory!

Last month’s “Passing the Basket” brought in $101. Thank you very much. With that, we donated 5 Food Baskets that turned into 20.

Last month’s beginning balance was $15.00. We had generous donations of $780.00. We made donations to Heifer International of $790.00, leaving a balance brought forward of $5.00.

Now for the next four months we will concentrate on the “LUMM Wish List.” There are six commodities on our wish list: $20 buys a Flock of Chicks with each hen able to lay more than 200 protein-packed eggs per year; $30 buys a Hive of Bees to pollinate crops and provide honey that can be sold to buy food; $60 buys Trees and Garden Seeds to produce fruit and vegetables or fodder to feed a family and their livestock in a sustainable way; $120 buys a Goat that can give a family a gallon of rich, nutritious milk each day; $150 buys an Alpaca that will give a family high in the Andes Mountains a source of warm wool and endless opportunities to earn income and, lastly, $250 buys a Water Buffalo that allows a family to plant four times more crops than by hand and then transport their harvests to market.

Then to add to this program, we are carrying over the Food Basket. For $20 you can buy a Food Basket which provides meals for one family and creates a market for another family. I’m excited over this program! Are you?

I’m sure you noticed the new location of the Heifer display. I’m certain it will attract a lot more attention in this new location. Thank you to Landon for the suggestion and Pastor Dave for the approval. So, in closing, if you are standing in line in the foyer among a group of people, don’t hesitate to drop something into the Heifer Fund Collection Box. It could be the start of something BIG! Thank you.

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