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Heifer Update for February 2020


Heifer Update

Heifer-111619The “Joy to the World” program is going strong. After the TNT presentations by Lindsay Duvall and Devin Foster, from Heifer International, we were able to donate our fourth Gift Basket.

Back to TNT night. We had a very informative presentation. It was based on milk production in Kenya, which fits in nicely with the “Joy to the World” Gift Basket. Two big milk producing animals in this basket, a Heifer and four Goats, will certainly help with milk production.

Now the clock is winding down on this program. It will end on February 29. Yes, we get an extra day this year. Any monies left in balance will be distributed to an animal, or animals, in the Gift Basket. The gift of a fifth basket would be wonderful.

The Lakeview United Methodist Men would like to send a big “Thank You!” to all those supporting this program. God bless you all!

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