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Heifer Update for Feb. 16th

Heifer Project

Heifer Update

Another Bee Question:

On average, how much honey does one bee produce in a lifetime?

  • A) 1/2 teaspoon
  • B) 1/12 teaspoon
  • C) 1 teaspoon

Scroll down for answer

Heifer_001The school bell has been silent for about 4 weeks now. Does that mean we finished our mission? No! There are still many girls out there that need that final act of kindness and generosity to get that chance that they desire, to start their education. Please visit the Lakeview United Methodist Men’s display in Smoot Hall and make your donation.

The LUMM and the girls thank you kindly

I love the stores sent from Heifer International.

Here is another from Quebrada de Agua, Nicaragua;

Heifer_1001Nayisha Rubi Ruiz Gutierrez, 5, collects beans on her family’s farm. Nayisha lives with her grandparents, Santos Albertina Gonzalez Ruiz and Pablo Javier Davila Machado. Passionate about education, Santos already knew a great deal about agriculture; Heifer taught her how to share her knowledge with others and helped her start a seed bank as a reserve to help the community withstand droughts and other emergencies. It’s one of 61 seed banks Heifer has helped start for small-scale farmers in this region.

Answer:     B – 1/12 teaspoon

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