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Heifer Update for December 2022

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Heifer Update for December 2022

For the 30 days listed above, donations were 7 Gifts of Honeybees and 3 Gifts of Garden Seeds. Then the Missions and Outreach Committee came up with a great donation. With it we donated 11 Gifts of Garden Seeds and 11 Gifts of Honeybees. Also, 1 “Joy to the World” package, (it includes 1 Heifer, 2 Sheep, 2 Alpacas and 4 Goats). We had $10 left after their donation, we added $10 and sent off a Flock of Chicks.

THANK YOU — Missions and Outreach.

And then we learned that our orders in September, 11 Honeybees, 6 Seed Packages, 1 Goat and 1 Flock of Chicks were TRIPLED! We certainly have reasons to be thankful for.

Now, we enter the Christmas Season. This year, after you have given to your church and have some left-overs, let’s put some smiles around the world with a Heifer Gift.

Thank you for your Thoughts, Prayers and Gifts.

I’ll close with this:


Heifer Update December 5th

Heifer125Are you ready to do some Christmas shopping? The Heifer Tree is up, lit, and has ornaments on it.

“Bees ‘N’ Seeds” is in its final month, just waiting for that gift that can lift a poor, hungry family out of hunger and poverty. Beside the tree is the DROP BOX for your gift. Always remember, it is your gift, so you have the choice of where it is to go. See me if you want to shop the Heifer Catalog. Your gift will help families (up to 9) find their way to a new life.

I also want to bring back to your attention, that we have other options to giving to the Heifer Fund.

  1. In each pew rack are envelopes for your gift.
  2. Quarter tubes are in the Chapel, Worship Center, Smoot Hall, Fellowship Hall, and at the entry to the administration offices. And
  3. The Heifer Banks, and they have no expiration date.

This Christmas, let’s put smiles on Boys & Girls and Moms & Dads here and around the world.

But, let’s not forget the greatest gift of all, given to us on the First Christmas, a baby boy whom we know as Jesus.

Heifer Update December 12th

Today we will visit three countries, Mexico, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Primary crop in all three, coffee. But all three fall below the average income level benchmark. 

The average living benchmark for Mexico is $3,711 per year. Their approximate current income is $1,814 per year. Coffee farmers in Honduras have a benchmark of $4,627 per year. Their approximate current income is $3,659 per year. And Nicaragua has a benchmark of $5,044 per year with income of $3,845 per year. What could Heifer International do to close the gap?  Bring on the Bees!

Also included to help were production of eggs and passion fruit. The program was named “Beyond Coffee”.

Heifer1212When Ileana became a participant in the Beyond Coffee project, she trained in agronomic coffee management. She then began a beekeeping business—a new experience.

“At the beginning I was afraid,” Ileana said. “The first time I entered an apiary, the bees stung me. [I was taken] to the hospital because it caused [an allergic reaction], but I did not give up.”

“As a woman, I feel happy that I can do this job, especially [because of] the benefits it has brought to my family in generating income.” ~Ileana Briones

Ileana received three hives through the project, which she has grown to seven hives. Her initial hives produced 77 liters (about 20 gallons) of honey during the first harvest, which she sold within her community for 3.50 per liter. Through these sales, Ileana earned an additional $276 in income.

“The demand for honey continued,” Ileana said. “People came to my house asking for honey, so I decided to buy honey from other producers to continue selling honey and not lose customers.”

Ileana’s next batch will include seven hives. “My plan is to manufacture by-products based on honey, like shampoo and soap,” Ileana said. “In addition to that, grow my apiary with more hives.”

As Nicaraguans consume more honey in medicinal remedies to cope with the COVID pandemic, smallholder farmers like Ileana are poised to meet the increased local and national demand.

Yes, once again the little Bee is called on to make a better life for poor farmer families. Through the pollination of crops and sales of honey and its by-products, these farmers have received help and hope through Heifer International.

Heifer Update December 19th


Heifer12191Here we are in that “Really Busy Time of the Year” with all the shopping for Christmas, finalizing menus for the Christmas meal, wrapping presents, and so much more. And, most importantly, awaiting the celebration of the coming of the Christ Child. The most wonderful gift we will ever receive. We must always remember, Christmas starts with Christ.

This is also a busy time for Heifer International. Sorting out all the donations, placing animals and other products around the world to the poor and hungry. Starting the many small farmers on a path that is free from hunger and poverty, while leaving the earth in better shape than when they started.

Need some help shopping? The sweetest gift you could give – Honeybees. Honeybees are essential to healthy crops. Farmers who keep bees see increased crop yeilds. Plus, they can harvest honey in the non-growing season, to earn extra income. In two weeks, the “Bees ‘N’ Seeds” program will end. I will introduce a new exciting program on January 1, 2023. In the meantime, lets get the Bees-A-Buzzing.

Here is wishing everyone a “Most Blessed Christmas” from the Lakeview Men’s Ministries and the Heifer Project.

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