“The message of Easter is not that Jesus is alive, it is so much more.
The message of Easter is that Jesus has risen!” ~ Colin Smith

Heifer Update for August 3, 2019

Heifer Update


First, the response to the Gift Ark was (and still is) fantastic.  In 4 short weeks $5000 of funds were raised to donate our Gift Ark. 

Then there was the match from the foundation.  Well, Gift Ark # 2 was donated last Wednesday.  A potential of 504 families lifting themselves out of hunger and poverty.  I applaud you all.

So what’s next?  Well, there are 4 months left of the program.  I estimated it would take us 5 months.  I was so wrong!  We will continue donating Ark animals through the next 4 months.  I have listed the “Ark Animals” in a descending order by donation cost.  At the top of the list is 2 heifers for $1000 to the bottom, 2 flocks of chicks for $40.  In July, we will start down the list until we come to the animals we can donate with the funds available. 

In August, we will do likewise, only starting at the bottom of the list.  September and

October the process will be repeated.

As God told Noah – Load them 2 x 2.  So will Lakeview.

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