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Heifer Update for August 17, 2019

Heifer Update

Heifer_105aLet’s visit Bihar today.  It is in northwestern India, and one of India’s poorest states.  Heifer is working a project in five districts of Bihar, providing goats to empower poor farmers there.  Sharada Devi, a mother of 8, was one of among 4,000 residents to receive a goat.  She had been working for little as nothing on other farms.  Her husband was forced to travel 800 miles to find suitable work.  Even then, they barely survived.  They could only eat one meal a day.  She threw herself into goat farming.  Learned how to grow fodder to feed them, to keep them clean and safe.  Her goat herd is growing, she hopes to reach 150 someday.  Her husband was able to come home and assist in the operation.  Her plans for the future – to buy land, build a better house and more goats.

Last Saturday morning, August 10th, the LUMM had their free breakfast.  Men (and Women), if you didn’t attend, you really are missing good food and fellowship.  Try to join us next month, September 7th, you will enjoy!

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