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Heifer Update for April 2024

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Men’s Breakfast Meeting

Pastor Louie Lyon led us in “This Is the Day that the Lord Hath Made. Let us Rejoice and be Glad in it.”

We have just concluded another exciting month. I can feel the excitement of those who are receiving our gifts, here and around the world. March 1st started us on the second half of the “Our Wish List” Program. Let’s see what made February a special month. First our bank account: We started the month with $10; deposited $2284, donated $2280 and have an ending balance of $14. Last month’s “Passing the Basket” brought us $66. On February 8th I met with the Missions and Outreach Committee. After a short presentation, I asked them if they wanted to join the Lakeview Men’s Ministries effort of “Changing Lives.” They did in the amount of $2000. Our deepest “Thank You” to the Missions and Outreach team.

So, last month we donated 5 Flocks of Chicks, 4 Gifts of Honeybees, 4 Gifts of Garden Seeds, 4 Goats, 3 Alpaca, 3 Water Buffalo and 7 Food Baskets. Praise God. Then Heifer International matched the gifts of 6 Flocks of Chicks, 6 Honeybees, 6 Garden Seeds, 3 Goats, 3 Alpaca, 4 Water Buffalo and 9 Food Baskets.

This is enough to put smiles on 83 hungry, struggling families here and around the world. But there is more work to do. So again, we will be “Passing the Basket.” Thank you.

Last month we talked about self-help groups, formed by Heifer, to lend support to women farmers in Rwanda. We heard Vestine’s story. Now we’ll hear about Beatrice. Like Vestine, Beatrice struggled before she joined Max Lucado a self-help group. “We were constantly living a difficult life,” she says. Beatrice didn’t earn enough to cover school supplies or supplies and clothing for her six children. Worse yet, they could only afford one meal a day. “We never had enough food to eat,” she says.

After joining the group, she received training and technical support from Heifer and a loan to buy more land. She bought a second dairy cow (and hopes to buy a third) and sells five liters of milk a day. Her income from Potatoes and Pyrethrum has grown immensely. She now can afford school fees and clothes, and her family eats three meals a day. “It makes me proud,” she says, adding “There is no reason why you wouldn’t be happy with such a bountiful life after years of extreme poverty.”

It’s stories like this, and the one last month, that are a direct link to our support of the LUMM/Heifer Project. Let’s continue to make stories here and around the world.

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