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Heifer Report for July 20, 2019


Heifer Report

Arlen1Last Friday we visited the headquarters of Heifer International in Little Rock, Arkansas. Because of the construction and materials used, the building uses 52% less energy than a conventional building of the same size. Heifer uses graywater, rainwater captured in a collection tower, to supply non-consumable water. The windows allow the staff to work in natural light. Sensors adjust the lighting based on the darkness outside. 

In 2007 Heifers Headquarters achieved the highest “Green Building” rating possible.arlen2 Behind this building is the Urban Farm & Gardens. Here local citizens and Businesses can rent garden plots.  Part of the rent is that part of the harvest that has to be donated to specified food banks in the area.  Remember “Passing The Gift”?  also located here is the Urban Barn with alpacas, goats, chickens, pigs, and Sunshine the Jersey cow. This is truly a very impressive place.

Next week I’ll review the visit to Heifer Ranch.

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