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Heifer Project Update

Purchase of a llama, a flock of chicks and a flock of geese

heiferThe March meeting of the Lakeview United Methodist Men was held on Saturday, March 3rd, a day I will not soon forget. After a great breakfast (free) our meeting was held.

The Heifer Project, with last months carry-over and donations and quarter tubes giving had allowed us to use $190 towards the purchase of gifts for the poor & hungry. The men’s group approved the purchase of a llama, a flock of chicks and a flock of geese. Wonderful, right? Well there’s more. The Mission and Outreach group of our church presented us with a gift of $500 and a request to buy a heifer. We did. She was named “Love” and will help bring a family out of hunger and poverty.

Doesn’t this make such a wonderful story? But wait, there’s more.

On Monday morning I was given an envelope from our brothers and sisters in Christ of the Maranatha Christian Church pastored by Pastor Derrick. The envelope contained $200. Wait, there’s more. Another $50 was donated by a loyal member with the request to buy a water buffalo. Again, we did.

What a great way to start the month. Giving “God’s less fortunate” a chance to live a more stable and prosperous life, and a life free of the hunger pains they face daily. Thank you to everyone involved in this Heifer Project. It truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

Arlan Steen, Spokesman
United Methodist Men Heifer Project

Heifer Project


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