“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” ~ Carl Bard

Heifer Project Update for June 2022


June 6th

Glyceria and Chinzimu Ntoso live in Malawi with their six-year-old daughter, Julita. They live in a hut with a straw roof held down with bricks and sticks. The living area has a dirt floor covered with a woven mat. No chairs for guests and no wall or fence, allowing neighbors to see right inside.

Both lost a parent at a young age, forcing them to quit school and work as live-in laborers. They were 26 when married and given a plot of land to grow soybeans, never imagining they would have livestock. Now that they do, Chinzimu says “I’m feeling very, very proud.”

They were rewarded a pregnant cow by Heifer, along with training in agricultural livestock and business management. Their cow lives in a shed with a solid cement floor. She produced twins; one was passed on to a neighbor. Now they have milk to drink and sell. They purchased some chickens, so they have eggs to eat and sell. The soybean yield has increased. Life has made a dramatic turn for them.

Heifer International, through your gifts, has done this for many families for over 75 years.

June 13th

“Heifers Most Wanted” Program got off to a great start. For the month of May, I had to meet with the Bailiff 5 times (with a smile on my face). Bailed out and put into the world to ease the strain of hunger and poverty were the following.

It started with “Queen Bee” and her Hive. Then it was “Wooly Wonder” the Sheep. Next in line was “Milky Mama” the Heifer, not once but twice. Back for an encore was “Queen Bee”, and not to be outdone – twice. Lastly was ”Babe” the Pig. They were all excited to get out and help the poor and hungry.

We also received two receipts from Heifer International telling us that the previous orders for 2 Flocks of Chicks and 1 Honey Bees had been doubled.

 “Billy the Kid” (Goat) has raised about half of her bail. She too is anxious to go out and help another family. Waiting patiently, is “Spit Monger” (Alpaca), for her turn to help humanity.

June 1st started with a bang. “Milky Mama” was released into the world, not once – twice. 

Thank you for the wonderful and generous support.


June 20th

We have released two more animals into their new life of “Giving Hope”.  “Billy the Kid” (goat) and “Spit Monger” (Alpaca) have both met bail and are more than happy to help in our cause to eliminate hunger and poverty. A story of another goat in Northern Ghana. Mefore is a farmer and mother. She struggled – there was less and less rain and the soil quality deteriorated. To supplement her small income, she collected nuts and burned wood for the charcoal. It wasn’t enough.  Her children had to drop out of school. Then, Mefore received the Gift of Goats.  Soon she made cheese, butter, and yogurt. With enough milk for the family, she had surplus to sell and now she has given 8 Goats to local women in need. Mefore says “When you have and share with a friend, she will also share with you.”

For the first 45 days of this program, you have donated 4 Heifers, 3 Honey Bees, 2 Chicks, a Goat, Sheep, Pig and an Alpaca. How great is that? Now we will try to get the Chick “Chickadee” and Honeybees “Queen Bee” back to work.

The Lumm wants to thank all who are and will be participating in this program. I told you this would be exciting.

June 27th

Well, I made another trip to the Bailiff last week, but it was an exciting trip and well worth the effort. Your donations allowed me to bail out “Chickadee” and the rest of the flock – not once, but twice. Then there was “Queen Bee” and her hive and again, twice. Speaking of bees, here is an article I found on Facebook.


Realistic gold star on white Royalty Free Vector ImageNow, a little contest. We are going to feature “Billy the Kid” (Goat), “Babe” (Pig), and “Wooly Wonder” (Sheep). Pick your favorite and give whatever amount you can. I’ll keep a tally and we’ll see who gets to the Bailiff first. Isn’t it fun to help “God’s Less Fortunate” find a way out of hunger and poverty while caring for the earth?

Thank you and God bless you.


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