“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” ~C.S. Lewis

Heifer – Joy to the World


Heifer9819-2The third animal in the “Joy to the World” Gift Basket is the goat.  In fact, there are four of them.  Heifer has found that goats are the favorite animal to donate and receive.  Goats are the source of nutritious milk and the by-products of that milk.  Goats are known to produce three or more off-spring a year.  So, a herd can be formed rather quickly.  Then, Heifer has been known to help form co-ops and processing plants.  Sometimes the easiest way to save a life is to give them a goat.

Something new has been added to the Men’s display in Smoot Hall.  A Christmas Tree!  On the tree are the ornaments.  In this case, they are donation envelopes.  Please avail yourselves to our ornaments.  Insert your donation and drop it in the collection box.  Let’s make someone’s Christmas “very special” this year.

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