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Habitat for Humanity Update

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat-82719During these challenging times Lakeview UMC continues its support for Habitat for Humanity, Central Arizona. Unfortunately, Habitat’s building efforts have been greatly constrained during the COVID pandemic due to lack of available building sites, much longer times to receive building permits and inspections, restrictions on the number of people who can work on a site at any given time, etc. These challenges were made known to the larger community through a “Habitat Construction Night” Zoom meeting held on January 28th. The meeting offered updates from the organization’s construction managers on current Habitat projects and needs.

Among Habitat’s current needs (besides land) are skilled tradesmen and specific equipment. The most critical need was for electrical generators used to operate tools on the construction sites. These generators cost approximately $1000 each, and the need is for ten such generators to replace older units that are worn out. To this end LUMC’s Missions & Outreach committee has elected to contribute $1000 to Habitat for a new generator. Andrea Northrop, Habitat’s Sponsor Relations Manager, was thrilled to hear of Lakeview’s donation.

Due to the aforementioned challenges of new home construction, Habitat has placed greater emphasis on its Neighborhood Revitalization Program. This program consists of Habitat targeting neighborhoods where homes are in need of significant repair such as new HVAC systems or roofs. According to January’s Zoom call Habitat has helped 197 families in three neighborhoods. Additionally, Habitat has supported 152 families with emergency home repair.

BoxLunchLakeview’s support of the larger community continues. The committee hopes to return to providing lunches for Habitat construction crews perhaps as early as March this year. Also, in an effort to spread out the church’s giving campaigns, Mission’s Habitat campaign this year will be during the month of April. The campaign will be conducted much as it was last year with the remote collection of donations. More on this to come.

submitted by Greg Odle

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