“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” ~C.S. Lewis

God’s Parenting Love without Limits


Luke 12:16-21

by MarLu Primero Scott

Those who store up treasures for themselves. . . are not rich toward God.

The parable Jesus tells us to buttress his point about possessions is poignant. l cannot resist sensing the passion of God for those adopted into the heavenly family who simply trust in God’s word. If we rely on the wisdom of God as parent, we rid ourselves of unnecessary stress.

My conversation with a parishioner one beautiful autumn day brings this truth home. The crisp morning carried the slight scent of baled hay, a moment for doxology. However, filled with stress about the beach house, the garden, the church, and her own unaccomplished chores, the woman was oblivious to the gift of an extraordinary day.

We can buy material possessions effortlessly by clicking a button on our computer and typing in a credit card number. How do Jesus’ words apply to us when we are steeped in abundance and material excess? Perhaps there is no better time for us to listen seriously to this parable and respond to Christ’s invitation to live simply.

How many times do we go to our closet and say, “I have no thin g to wear,” yet the close t is packed. Can we respond to storing up riches toward God when we are overloaded with earthly possessions? Consider making a list of ways to turn from activities that obstruct us in relying and trusting God.


Loving God, thank you for your boundless love. Give us strength to heed your call to trust and rely on your wisdom for our daily living. Amen.

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