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Gift Of A Healthy Home

Heifer Project

I just finished painting my closet yesterday. Many of the recipients of our gifts thru Heifer International would probably ask “What is a closet?” God’s poorest and hungriest families would love to have living conditions as clean as a newly painted closet.

Heifer ProjectWell, as always, help is on the way. One donor this past month specified giving two gifts of a “Healthy Home.” Families are given the opportunity to earn the income they need to improve their living conditions.

Heifer International helps families purchase roofing materials, bricks, concrete and more. A home that is void of openings and cracks is a healthy home.  Food, water and shelter are three important things we need in order to survive. Unhealthy homes don’t provide many children much of a chance against  illnesses. The first income of many of Heifer’s families gets spent on improving their homes.

Oh, and by the way, the gift of two healthy homes was tripled by Heifer International. So, make that 6 “Gifts of a Healthy Home.”

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