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Why is the Worship Service cutting out?

This is the question I have been getting a lot over the past few of weeks. I will try to answer that without getting too technical.

When the internet was first added to the Lakeview Campus it was designed to accommodate the campus offices, as the need for internet grew it was added here and there throughout the campus. With the various expansions the equipment was never upgraded to handle the additional access points.

There have been a couple of major changes that have occurred during the Covid-19 lockdown.

First, there was an upgrade to the Church Management software that is used by the office to be an online only service, meaning everything “Church” is cloud based and needs the internet to be accessible.

Second, our congregation was forced to become acquainted with technology whether they wanted to or not. Now that everyone is starting to return to in-person worship and bring their phones and tablets with them, they are automatically connecting to our
WI-FI and the older equipment has not been able to handle all of the additional devices connecting. This causes our internet to crash during our broadcasts. Once that happens we are not able to reconnect to the original broadcasting stream. So, when this happens we record the service and upload it to YouTube and the website usually by mid afternoon on Sunday.

So, if that is the issue, what is the solution? Upgrade the equipment, what’s so hard about that? Right?

I wish it were that easy! Some of the issues we have been challenged with are, what equipment do we need, both right now to fix the problem and pulling out our crystal ball to see what will be needed in the foreseeable future. As little as ten years ago our internet needs were nowhere near what they are now, what will they be ten years from now so we don’t go through this all over again.

Pre Covid-19 our need for internet in the Chapel, Fellowship Hall, Smoot Hall and the Conference Room were very minimal. Today, with over 1500 viewers weekly from around the world becoming our online congregation for bible studies and worship, our need to be able to live broadcast from these areas has become the new normal.

With the help of our IT company Ntegrate IT Advisors, LLC along with Pastor John and your Media Arts Team we feel we have reached an affordable solution that not only address our current issues but also addresses our foreseeable needs as well.

The work to upgrade our system will begin on June 10, 2021 with an anticipated completion date of June 30th. Please bear with us as we make the changes, we are bound to have some hic-ups. We are working very hard to bring the word of our Lord to all who wish to worship online with us.

I will keep you updated right here on the website and through the weekly e-newsletter.

Blessings and grace to you all, Your Media Arts Director, Glade

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