“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” ~ Carl Bard




A Friend is one, who “know us”

– our guilt and our shame –

Regardless of our many sins

Friends love us just the same.

Years ago, I wrote those lines

trying to describe “Friends.”

Tell me:  what is your version?

– “Your wisdom, never ends.”

“A Friend in need, is a friend, indeed”

– as the old “saying” goes –

Friendship is much more than that

– as anybody knows. –

We have all kinds, so many Friends

– hard to describe them, all.

Once in awhile, fair weather Friends

– are easy, to recall.

A Friend is a person:  we like

they are Helpful, to me.

Sympathizer and Supporter

– they do it:  all for free –

A Friend is one who “listens”

To my pitiful “tale”,

We may be very “boring”

Patient Friends, never fail.

We pick and choose Good Friends

And Hope:  they choose us

You simply can’t beat a Good one

(they help us, with “our fuss”).

Good Friends don’t always “agree”

(keep kindness, in, your voice)

Contemplating the “issue”

Both may make:  Better Choice.

If you really want a Good Friend

– the best friend, that I know

Is God, our ever Loving God

– He’ll go, wherever you go.

God is Loving and also Fair

(we know – very well)

If people were our Judges?

– we’d ALL, go to hell –

He’s known, as “Trinity God”

His Son died for you and me

Christ died, “arose” in three days

– we can live Eternally – .

The Holy Spirit is the third part

“Our Helper” – He is known

He’s lived at my house, many years

“Dependence on Him, I own.”

You can’t find a more Loving Friend

– than our Great God (in three)

Loving, Trustworthy and Kind

Best Friend, for You and Me!

                   Lilas Wells Riley – April, 2019

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