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Financial Report for November 2019

Finance Report

As you can see from the Financial Report Summary below, our church IS slightly better Year-to-Date by $2,000, since the deficit is now only a little over $34,000.  Good job everyone for moving in the other direction. 

In fact, September was almost $2,000 positive for the month and that has not happened in quiet awhile.  After consulting with Tami, the Comptroller, the giving by Lakeview People should be at 75% of our budget since we are now 75% through the year but our actual giving is currently at 70%, meaning that we are very close to meeting the budget that we developed last year based on your pledges and this is great news.  It means that only 5% of our people are behind but the majority is right on.  I am not judging anyone (since I do not have a list of names), what I am saying keep up the Great work!! 

The other area that I mentioned in the last newsletter, revolves around the Lakeview Church’s investments that were changed this year to create more flexibility with the investment funds and the fact, as I said last month, to save Lakeview Church Investment Management Fees.  For September Year-to-Date, the Church budgeted $9,000 and the actual investment fees are still only a little over $2,000 which means that the changes made to the Church’s investment plan is helping, the Church is saving Fees on the new plan.  Since I am the Finance Chairperson, I plan on requesting that some of the interest that Lakeview is currently receiving under the new investment program be used to reduce the deficit and not rolled over into additional investments; this will help reduce the current deficit. 

We are all working together and doing a great job.  Summers seem to be a difficult time, but summer is over and now we are in the home stretch and we are continuing to do better than we did last year, great job everyone.  I am continuing to ask everyone at Lakeview to pray for God’s Word to be fulfilled so that

“Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Cor. 9:7). 

I do believe we have cheerful givers at Lakeview. 

So continue to pray for God’s guidance, give what is in your heart to give, and God’s Blessings to All.

 Eli Reeves, Finance Chairperson

Financial Report
 Year to date as of 9/30/19: Budget Actual
 Offerings received $479,173 $461,221
 Other income received $131,034 $118,128
 Total income received $610,207 $579,349
 Expenses paid $634,959 $613,740
 Income OVER/UNDER expenses by($24,752)($34,391)

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