“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” ~ Carl Bard

Financial Report for July 2020


Financial Report for July 2020

PRAISE GOD That Lakeview UMC is Still Positive Through July Year-To-Date

As you can see below Lakeview UMC is still positive for July Year-to-Date (YTD), however, Lakeview did not do so well for the Month of July. The results for the Month of July were a Negative $12,508. However, since so many people have been able to be faithful to giving more in previous months, the July YTD amount is still a positive amount of $19,830, when normally July YTD has been in the past almost double this amount in the red or negative.

I do know that a lot of our people are away for the summer but the weekly attendance for Sunday Worship Services is still very high, over 800 for the week of August 9th. So our attendance is still very high but giving for the month of July was down about $13,000, just too breakeven in the month of July. Our actual operating expenses are still running about $47,000 YTD less than we had budgeted and that is very good. 

As we stand right now, we still have some cushion from previous giving but we need to continue to pray and ask God to continue to encourage everyone to give what they can afford to give.  

I can hardly wait until we all can be back together again, until then continue to make phone calls to check in on others, attend Sunday Mornings on YouTube and use Zoon to attend bible studies that we have Monday through Thursday and Sip-n-Chats that happen every night (except Sunday)  at 5 PM on Zoom.

Although the office is officially closed, there are a few people there to take prayer requests and to receive offerings through the North Staff Entrance door, just use the mail slot. Please continue to pray for God’s guidance, give what is in your heart to give, and we will get through this with God’s help.

God’s Blessings to All, Eli Reeves, Finance Chairperson

Financial Report
 Year to date as of 7/31/20: Budget Actual
 Offerings received $380,928 $382,690
 Other income received $86,450 $93,984
 Total income received $467,378 $476,674
 Expenses paid $504,198 $456,674
 Income OVER/UNDER expenses by$36,820$19,830

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