“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” ~ Carl Bard

February Financial Report


Finance News

How did we end 2018 financially? We are excited to report that we ended the year in the black!

Our income was; $839,402 and expenses were $808,985 leaving us $30,417 cash to carry over to 2019. Our expenses were nearly $20,000 under budget! Thank you to each team leader for working to keep expenses under control!

Thank you to each of you for your generous giving!
Our ministry budget for 2019 does have an increase in it of $17,040 for a total of $845,412 which was approved at our annual meeting in October. We are also excited to share that our Estimates of Giving through the stewardship campaign show a strong commitment to the ministry of Lakeview UMC. We received estimates totaling $430,249 with 309 giving units (families, individuals) returning estimate cards. That’s a slight increase from 305 in 2018 but an increase in giving of $13,811.

We have entered 2019 financially healthy, spiritually growing, and continuing to Change Lives: Caring for Mind, Body and Soul. Please continue to pray for one another, for your church and for your pastors as we seek to be the disciples God has called us to be. Please pray for God’s provision for us as we grow in ministry reaching more and more people for Christ.
Gratefully, Your finance team,

Financial Report
 Year to date as of 12/31/18: Budget Actual
 Offerings received $654,732 $641,870
 Other income received $173,640 $197,532
 Total income received $828,372 $839,402
 Expenses paid $828,372 $808,985
 Income OVER expenses by 0$30,417

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