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United Methodist Men’s Fellowship & Breakfast


Jun 01 2024


8:30 am - 10:00 am

The United Methodist Men’s monthly fellowship and free breakfast is a great opportunity for people to come together, enjoy good food, and build meaningful connections. The fact that everyone is welcome demonstrates the inclusivity and warmth of the event.

Starting at 8:30 AM, the breakfast provides a perfect way to begin the day, connecting with others in a friendly and inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re a member of the United Methodist Men or someone from the community, this event offers a chance to engage in fellowship and foster a sense of belonging.

Attending this gathering can offer numerous benefits, such as forming new friendships, sharing experiences, and finding support within a community. The free breakfast not only satisfies your appetite but also symbolizes the spirit of generosity and hospitality.

If you’re available, I would encourage you to attend the United Methodist Men’s monthly fellowship and free breakfast. It promises to be a welcoming and inclusive event where you can enjoy good company and start your day off on a positive note.


Smoot Hall
Smoot Hall
10298 W Thunderbird Blvd, Sun City, AZ 85351

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